Thursday, April 30, 2015

Denver Business Exposed For Refusing Service To 'Colored' Neighborhood (VIDEO)

Ah yes, we live in post-racial America. Except when we don't.

Barack Obama Was My Teacher | TakePart

Barack Obama Was My Teacher | TakePart

GOP Governor: No ‘Prepared Foods’ On SNAP, Like Spaghetti Sauce, Pickles And Deli Meat | If You Only News

LePage is the pinnacle of the new Repug politician. Stupid, mean-spiritied, petty, and possessed by radically fundamental 'Christianity'. So, of course, we must piss on the poor just as some idiot pastor says Jesus said to to. I hope they all get leprosy. Maybe their version of Jesus can cure that...

Freddie Gray killed after head 'slammed into bolt in back of police van' – report | US news | The Guardian

Many questions remain over Gray’s death, with some speculating he was
subjected to a so-called “rough ride”, where a prisoner is not placed in
a seatbelt and is then thrown violently around a vehicle being driven

Bush Foundations Accepted Unlimited Secret Donations from Foreign Countries | Occupy Democrats

The ugly little secret they don't want you to know.

Senators Approve Bill To Stop EPA From Using 'Secret Science' | ThinkProgress

“The legislation may sound reasonable, but it’s actually a cynical
attack on the EPA’s ability to do its job,”
said Andrew Rosenberg, the
director of the Center for Science and Democracy at the Union of
Concerned Scientists

Two Congressmen Host 'One Of The Most Notorious Bigots In The World' | ThinkProgress

Loonie Louie Gohmert and Slimy Stevie King! You would expect better from these two?

GOP Slashes Veterans Benefits. Because Support The Troops!

Support The Troops? The GOP will by slashing veterans benefits to 70,000 troops.

Chief Justice Roberts Accidentally Reveals Everything That’s Wrong With Citizens United In Four Sentences | ThinkProgress

Hypocrisy abounds in every corner of this issue. The twists and turns the justices perform to get to where they want to be are fascinating. And intellectually impossible. Which is why Scalia looks so constipated in the pic; his wittwe tiny bwain huwts!!!

Tantrum Alert! OK Lawmaker Threatens To Light Fire To Himself Because He Can't Control Women's Bodies

I am willing to supply the gasoline AND the matches!

How UK Journalism Explains Baltimore Riots Better Than American Media

The difference is that, even with tits on the front page and the occasional hysterical headline, they still do journalism in Britain. There are at least four, and I think it's up to seven, daily newspapers in London. Is there a city in the US with more than two papers (there're three in NYC, but one's the Post, so.....)? I live in the second largest city in the US (well, in the burbs...) and there is one paper. There is a second if you count the OC Register, but it's focus is just OC, and it's barely becoime a newspaper again after decades of being a pamphlet for the Birch Society (with a REALLY good funnies section!) :) And almost none of them practice journalism anymore; they specialize in stenography, with a slight bias to whichever side they 'favor'.

Addicting Info – ‘Fox News Don’t Give A Damn About Black People’ — Baltimore Protesters Fed Up (VIDEO)

The header says it all. And, sadly, it's true of all of them, not just Fox Noise.

Addicting Info – Every Time Ted Cruz Uses ‘Liberal Fascism’ He Proves He Knows Nothing About Politics

"It can only be assumed that Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and his minions over at Fox News believe everyone they talk to is a moron… and based on the Fox News audience… this is probably a proper assumption. However, unlike the viewers of Fox News, there are those out there who know a thing or two about the political spectrum, and when Cruz says things like “Liberal Fascism” he is, quite literally, contradicting himself."

Senate GOP Orders Bogus Report Linking Immigration To Wealth Inequality — RWNJs Rejoice | If You Only News

When faced with the reality that immigration helps job growth and increases wages, Republicans commission a report that compares apples to oranges.

Franklin Graham: 'Ice Man An Attempt To Indoctrinate Children!'

Umm Frankie... gay people don't indoctrinate people. Crazed, right-wing, pig-ignorant radical fundamentalist Christers indoctrinate people.

Watch: Hillary Lists Three Reasons Why The Baltimore Protesters Have A Point | Occupy Democrats

She'll do just fine!

Addicting Info – WND (WingNutDaily) Tries To Incite Hysteria With Claim That ISIS Is Recruiting In Baltimore

There’s some recruitment going on all right — of all the right-wing lunatics who believe this crap.

ALERT: Republicans Poised to Make It Easier For Loan Sharks to Rip Off US Troops | Occupy Democrats

The GOP cares as little for our troops as they do for anyone else who doesn't live on Wall Street.

Thug: The Evolution Of A Racist Code Word

Thug: The Evolution Of A Racist Code Word

Addicting Info – Ted Cruz Opens His Mouth At The Hispanic Chamber Of Commerce And Idiocy Falls Out

We've come to expect so little from Ted Cruz and he constantly surprises us by undershooting our expectations.

Clever Street Artist Draws Anatomically Correct Body Part to Get Rid of Potholes | TakePart

Great approach. Maybe we can try it in L.A. We're gonna need about a billion gallons of paint, tho. And some of the ummm parts will be pornstar level given some of the cavernous potholes around town. I do not, however, give credence to the theory that the La Brea Tar Pits started life as a pothole! :)

Vietnamese refugees began new lives in Camp Pendleton's 1975 'tent city' - Los Angeles Times

Forty years ago today, Saigon (now known as Ho Chi Minh City) fell to the North Vietnamese (now known as the Vietnamese :) ) Many refugees (including the parents of my significant other)  ended up in the tent city at Camp Pendleton. The Times commemorates the anniversary with a series of the stories of some of the 'campers'.

Wilmore Blasts Fox News On Baltimore: 'F*ck You, Motherf*ckers' (VIDEO)

Wish we could get Larry as Jon's replacement on the Daily Show <sigh>

TX Gov Orders State Guard to Monitor Possible Military Takeover of Texas

It's official! Texas is officially the craziest state of all! At least, for the morning :)

The Top 5 Dodges On Gay Marriage By The GOP 2016 Field

It must be scary for these big old macho men to be asked about those spooky fags or ultra-scary dykes!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Rand Paul Blames the Baltimore Riots on Absentee Fathers | Mother Jones

I wish Ron had been home more during Rand's childhood. Altho, his name is Rand... he was probably doomed to be a douchebag no matter what.

Donald Trump, monumental moron: The puckered sleazebag’s immigration “plan” will make you cringe -

I'm now afraid of all his buildings. They must also have been built on foundations of fantasy.

Senator Bernie Sanders Set to Announce He's Running for President?

I love ya, Bernie, and you'd make a good (well, at least, an
interesting) President. But, at this point in time, you can't win. America's not ready for a socialist Pres. Someday, but not now. Plus,
Hillary will kick your ass.

Of course, I was wrong about Obama in '08, so WTF do I know? :)

Baltimore Mayor, Maryland Guv Abruptly Leave Don Lemon Interview (VIDEO)

Great civil servants. Don't like the tone of the questions, then just leave. Screw all that informing the public shit!

Michelangelo Signorile Talks About the Future of the LGBT Movement | TakePart

As gay marriage goes to the Supreme Court, activist + author Michelangelo Signorile
reminds us: what good is the right to marriage equality if same-sex
couples don't get married because they're afraid of losing their jobs?

'War Criminal' George Bush Jr. Decides It's Time To School President Obama On Foreign Strategies

My brain is no longer bleeding, but my stomach is roiling.

5 Ways New York Is Redesigning Itself for Rising Seas | TakePart

5 Ways New York Is Redesigning Itself for Rising Seas | TakePart

Meet Some Families Stuck in the Supreme Court's Same-Sex Marriage Legal Limbo | TakePart

The Supreme Court hears opening arguments on same-sex marriage today. Here are some families that will be impacted.

Voices of Protest for Freddie Gray | TakePart

As Baltimore struggles in the wake of Freddie Gray's death, activists and leaders speak out online.

Monday, April 27, 2015

The swaggering idiot returns: George W. Bush emerges from artistic exile to rehab his disastrous legacy -

My brain is bleeding just reading this....

Addicting Info – Man Creates Outrageous Story To Prove Right-Wing Will Believe Anything – And They Bought It

Just shows the depths to which journalism has fallen. Not that anyone on the right has any claims to being a journalist left; they abandoned them sometime in the Clinton Derangement days.... (wait! what? we're still IN the Clinton Derangement days?!?!?)

Political Loudmouth added a new photo. - Political Loudmouth

Well of course they are. We're Americans!!! If the arctic is warming twice as fast, we are compelled (by Manifest Destiny! (tm) or something...) to get that up to three times as fast. Constant innovation and improvement is our metier, even if that improvement destroys the environment and crushes lives. Plant the red white and blue in the arctic and drill away. Our descendants will thank you, right up to the moment the waters start lapping over their heads....

Welcome Loretta Lynch, America’s New Top Cop | TakePart

Welcome Loretta Lynch, America’s New Top Cop | TakePart

Your Favorite TV Crime-Stoppers Are Using Junk Science | TakePart

You mean people with a stake in the results of the science might have tweaked the science so the outcome benefited them? I'm SHOCKED! Time for my nap...

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Rand Paul, Ted Cruz First 2016 Candidates To Sign Grover Norquist's Anti-Tax Pledge

I'd like all Dems to sign a Grover Norquist pledge. To draw and quarter his ass on national TV as part of the Inauguration. Just to be sure, after he's drawn and quartered, burn the quarters. This vampire needs to be expunged from our country's political life or we will become third world in our children's lifetimes. He is pure evil on two legs.

Cricket Protein Probably Isn’t All It’s Chirped Up to Be | TakePart

OFUCKINGKAY! I never EVER want to hear the phrase 'edible insect farming' again! ARE WE CLEAR? I CAN'T HEARRRRRRRRRRRRRRR YOU!!!!!!

Addicting Info – Author Of New Anti-Hillary Book Admits He Lied About Paid Clinton Appearances, Press Releases

The author of the upcoming "Clinton Cash" lied about how much money Hillary Clinton made. If you're going to write a book on how much money Hillary Clinton makes, it might be a good idea not to lie about the amount.

19 Ways Americans Don't Realize Life in America Isn't Normal |

19 Ways Americans Don't Realize Life in America Isn't Normal |

What It’s Really Like for Black Students Who Face Police Bullying | TakePart

"I wasn’t alone on an island; I wasn’t the only person this happened to.” #‎BlackLivesMatter‬

Friday, April 24, 2015

'Most Likely To Succeed': Schools Should Teach Kids To Think, Not Memorize

'Most Likely To Succeed': Schools Should Teach Kids To Think, Not Memorize

Addicting Info – Congress Trying To Make It Legal For Gay People And Unmarried Women To Be Fired For Having Babies

You expected better?

Two Years After Factory Collapse, Fashion's Front Line Still Hopes for Safety | TakePart

Today marks two years since the deadly Rana Plaza factory collapse, after which brands like gap pledged to ensure worker safety in Bangladesh. Here's what life is really like for the people that make our clothes today.

Victory is Sweet!

The Senate’s Top Climate Denier Redefines Chutzpah | ThinkProgress

Want to bet there's a new donor on his lists (or given the Repugs penchant for double-blind donations NOT on his lists)?

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