Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mike Huckabee has a 'stopped clock' moment......


State Rep. Gordon Hintz’s tirade



Fox Asks If Churches Opening Doors To Muslims Is "A Neighborly Thing To Do, Or Sacrificing What Is Sacred?"

Fox News Forced To Air "Fox Lies" Protests | Media Matters for America

Really?!?!!? I'm SHOCKED!

Former top aide says Palin broke law as governor, new book alleges

The Last Time Scott Walker Went Union Busting, He Was Overruled And Wasted.

Wisconsin may not have to recall him; with his MO, he may end up in jail before they can :)

Wisconsin Power Play

Krugman, in more depth, tackles the point I made earlier :)

Clarence Thomas Struck Dumb?

Well, we know he's dumb... now, we think he may be mute too, passing his 5 year mark without speaking in Court session. If he'd just stop VOTING too, life would be sugar and light.

Two Libyan Fighter Pilots Defect Rather Than Bomb Protesters

Wow, I don't know where all this ends up in 'realpolitik' terms for the U.S., but it looks like the thugs are getting their comeupance in the Middle East/ North Africa. The fact that we've supported them as they crushed any legitimate opposition may come back to bite us, but it's nice to 'democracy' rearing its ugly head in the region.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Lies and Delusions Of Donald Rumsfeld: Bush Was As Popular As Obama

I think W's warts were as popular as Obama's warts; maybe that's what has him confused.

Deficit commission members forget they didn't make recommendations

You tried to screw us and failed. Now please, go away and STFU!

Cartoon of the Day

From the LATimes

Michelle Bachmann Thinks Glenn Beck Can Solve The Budget Deficit

Lord, they deserve each other!

When a Country Goes Insane

A trip through the looking glass, and we're ALL the Mad Hatter.....

ANONYMOUS says Fred Phelps fabricated threatening letter for publicity

Good old Fred can't even lie right :)

With their spending bill D.O.A., can House Republicans avoid federal shutdown?

Reap the whirlwind, baby.......

New chapter in church sex abuse scandal is written in Cardinal Roger Mahony's final weeks

Mahoney has been one of the worst on this scandal, but this is just ridiculous.
Exposing the Republicans' 3-Part Strategy to Tear the Middle Class Apart -- Let's Stop Them in Wisconsin

Top 4 Victories Handed to Corporate America by the Supreme Court -- So Far

Try not spew when reading this; it's so hard to get the keyboard clean again. And remember, no shooting anyone, no matter how much you want to!

Why It's Not a 'Safe Bet' to Believe In God

Good retort to Pascal's Wager :)

Monday, February 21, 2011

10 More Websites Glenn Beck Doesn't Trust, Other Than Google (PICTURES)

All sizes | Left vs Right: US Political Spectrum

EEK! This IS the worst person in the world!

From Atrios!
Chris Hayes and Naomi Klein Explain Why the Protests in Wisconsin Matter

U.S. considers military action after pirates seize Orange County couple's boat

There's something SOOOOOO Orange County about cruising the world in your fucking yacht handing out bibles to poor people :)

Feds dropping case against Countrywide's Mozilo

I'm not entirely sure anything Mozilo did rose to the level of a crime. Then again, I'm not entirely sure it didn't. Most probably, the civil prosecution was the best way to go, and that they nailed him on (regardless of who paid the penalty.) My biggest complaint is that the civil penaltes are not punitive enough. They should have the capability (but not the requirement) to put some of these companies out of businesses and individuals into bankruptcy. But they don't, so the bad guys pay a piddling fine and go off and bask on their terraces while peasants, er household staff, pour them another drink. And yes, $64mil is a piddling fine when you're playing at this level.

Republicans attack unions to hurt Democrats

I think this explanation is entirely probable.

Joe Klein's Cluelessness on Wisconsin Uprising Highlights the Corporate Media's Contempt for Working

Jokeline has long been a weirdly erratic commentator, but this just boggles the mind.

Nancy Genovese Lawsuit Updates: Town of Southampton in Default

Update to previous post: OOOPSIES. Looks like the Town Attorney for the locality is as big a dipshit as the officers involved. Nancy Genovese has won the case by default since Southampton did nothing in the case. Whether the whole $70mil judgment stands or not, who knows. I hope it does. Making them pay is the only way the Nazis learn... (and then mostly what they learn is to try harder not to get caught!) :)

Mother of 3 Arrested for Taking Pictures of Tourist Attraction at Airport

If even 10% of this is true, they need to ream out these so called law 'enforcement' dipwaps with a subway-borer. I think Suffolk (where I used to live and was a nice place) is gonna get slammed on this one.

Union Protests Are Spreading To Ohio As Kasich Tries To Break Collective Bargaining

Last week the headline were 'Mid-East in Flames!' Next week it may be 'Mid-West in Flames!' :)

Limbaugh: "I Had The Benefit Of Only Going To College For A Half Year, So My Mind Was Free FromThe Assault Of Academia"

... and clear of the clutter of knowledge or training in how to think logically.

Homeowner foreclosures on Wells Fargo office

GOP Lawmaker Mike Beard Claims God Will Provide Unlimited Natural Resources

Yeah, cuz he's been such a reliable provider over the years......

Daily Kos: Wisconsin: 8 GOP state senators can be recalled Right Now, Walker next January

woohoo! If you're in WI, get busy now! :)
Contact Your Senators: House Zeroes Family Planning Funding

ThinkProgress » Koch Industries Slashed WI Jobs, Helped Elect Scott Walker

Disgusting, but standard operating procedure for these ghouls.

Beck Ties Islam To The Antichrist

Did I mention he's nuts?

Daily Kos: It's Spreading - Labor in Ohio Protests Union Buster Bill

Glad to see labor pushing back on this shit.
Stop the Senate Attack on Free Speech.

Culture Wars: Episode Three – Revenge of the Rainbow or “Things conservatives say about homosexual

Another piece of goodness from Justin.

"I Stand with the Muppet Lobby!"

If you've got kids, or want to have kids, or know someone who has kids, or if you were a kid at some point, sign the damned petition and save Kermit, Elmo, and Company.

GOP State Senator Jane Cunningham Wants to Put Missouri Kids to Work

I've said a couple of times that the Repugs want to take us back to the days of McKinley (hell, several of THEM have said it!) With these recent pronouncements on child labor (see yesterday), I must apologize. It isn't McKinley they seek, it's Dickens! Oliver Twist, anyone?

More on the unconvicted felon Governor and his (seemingly) unconstitutional (FL constitution) rejection of the rail funding....

Daily Kos: Gov. Scott blasted on high-speed rail funds. Gov. Brown says money 'welcome here'


AMERICAblog News: Why not just cut $100bn in GOP districts?

AMERICAblog News: Wisconsin Senate Dems. prevent vote on harsh GOP budget by leaving for 'undisclose

The Dems tried this back when Texas first went over the edge. Didnt work for long, but it made for weeks of really fun press :)

AMERICAblog News: Mortgage forclosures match record high

This post makes the excellent point that it is going to take longer than the powers that be think (or will admit) to get over this. They're still foreclosing houses like mad and every one of those drives down prices in the market, which a) keeps solvent people from selling and b) drives the insolvent or semi-insolvent into foreclosure.... A mad cycle that won't end soon.

Dems Fight To Protect For-Profit Colleges From Disclosure Rules

Most of these schools are insane rip-offs and it galls me that anyone on our side is backing them in any way. Just shows that anyone can be bought.....

MERS: Stop Foreclosing in Our Name

Good, they need to be done away with. The post is good, but it's worth reading just for his clarification at the end :)

Willie Sutton Wept

The Brilliant Paul Krugman strikes again

GOP senator: Federal ban on child labor is unconstitutional

God, I hate these 'tenthers'
"The issue of states rights is particularly popular in Utah, widely known as America's most conservative state." And possible the most stupid.....

House Votes to Stop FCC from Enforcing Net Neutrality; Punishes Public Servant

If I were still doing violent rhetoric, which I'm not, obviously, I'd be asking 'can we shoot them all, now?' :)

Right-Wing Media Freak Out Over Union Protests In Wisconsin | Media Matters for America

From Media Matters: 
To Fox, when Tea Partiers protest, it's peaceful organizing. When teachers and unions protest, they're considered "thugs" in an "uprising". Thoughts?

Michele Bachmann Gets Defensive After Farting in Elevator

At first, I thought this was Onionesque satire, but it got covered pretty widely and I haven't seen/heard a retraction or correction, so maybe she IS just a rude pig. But, we knew that ;)

Anti-Gay Marriage Measures Stall in NM

Santa Fe is looking better every day :)

Winds of a recall swirling around Florida’s new governor

Karma's a bitch, dewd! :) Let's hope it catches up with Ricky quickly!

Mansory mods the Lotus Evora - BBC Top Gear

My first thought was this will be ugly(most Mansory stuff is over the top weird), but it isn't too bad, judging from the limited pictures.

Issa Issues Broad Countrywide VIP Loan Subpoena

Gee, Mozilo must not have contrinuted to little Darrell's campaigns, either that or BAC hasnt. :)

Texas Flunks History

Welcome to Texas. We're so stupid that even Conservatives have to speak out.

'Anonymous' Hacker Group Teaches Shady Cyber-Security Companies a Lesson They'll Never Forget

Yeah, it was probably (okay, almost definitely) illegal, but it does make me smile. When you bust the bad guys doing bad things, it's okay even if illegal. Isn't that what the post 9/11 mentality is supposed to be?

Democrats turn 'Where are the jobs?' chant on GOP

Good! Hammer them on this and keep the pressure on 24/7 right through the election.

Paul Ryan On Wisconsin Protests: 'It's Like Cairo Has Moved To Madison'

Careful, Paullie.... the good guys 'won' in Cairo, so should we be prepared for Gov Wanker errrrr Walker to abdicate and move to the shore of Lake Michigan?

Feverish Bieber

Personally, I don't have a problem with kicking his shrieking (but cute) little ass out of the country. But for musical annoyance, not for exercising free speech :)

South Dakota Shelves Controversial 'Justifiable Homicide' Bill

Governor says bill was "badly written." Right! And Mein Kampf was badly enacted......

Fox's Carlson: The Constitution Is Too Old To Deal With Terrorists

 Yup. Conservatives love them some Consteetooshun except when they don't, which is pretty much all the time.

Stand in solidarity against Wisconsin Gov. Walker's radical proposal and threats -- sign the letter

Auto-send a letter to Speaker Boehner

Lost your job? Afraid you might? Know someone who has? Speaker Boehner says "So Be It." Send a letter to Boehner demanding bills to create jobs instead of cutting them.

Ed Schultz Hammers Home the Importance of Wisconsin Protests

Ed really is a national treasure and every Repug's nightmare. He's an NRA liberal from a purple state with a sharp brain, a loud mouth and the willingness to go toe to toe with anybody.

Budget Baloney: Why Social Security Isn't a Problem for 26 Years, and the Best Way to Fix It Permanently

I don't always agree with Robert Reich (which probably means I'm wrong sometimes :) ), but on this, we are in total agreement. Except for one minor point, what he calls 'baloney' is really 'bullshit'.

"Felon" Governor Now Steals Rail Funds

Florida GOP governor refuses federal money to build high speed rail in state

Good point: 
"The Republicans are about demagoguery. They're not here to fix our nation's problems, they're not here to move our country forward. They're here to talk about abortion, guns, gays and God (and socialism),otherwise GOP politicians just aren't that interested."


Have been busy working on a project, so this one got slightly ignored (like Kansas is slightly flat....)

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

How to tell if you're having a heart attack

Since many of us are in or approaching the right age range, we should read up on this.

The Coalition for Space Exploration

Join us with these guys. There's nothing more important, in the long run, than getting up and out there......

Why Does Clarence Thomas Get Away With Breaking the Law, As His Wife Shills for Wealthy Right-Winger

Good question!

George Bush issued travel warning by human rights organisations

Great! Let's pin him down to a ten square block area of Preston Hollow (for those not not familiar with Dallas, think Bel Air in L.A., and you have the same idea... not quite Beverly Hills cachet, but bigger houses!) :)

Tom Freakin' Tancredo would wear me out too :)

Colorado GOP Chairman Quits: 'I'm Tired Of The Nuts'

Someone's been watching too much Glenny......

Peter King To Critics: 'Political Correctness' Won't Stop Muslim Radicalization Hearings

Should Fox Toss Glenn Beck Out of the Coop?

They'll hang on to him till some loon kills somebody and announces that he did so cuz Glenny told him to. Then, they'll let him go. More, of course, in sorrow than in anger.

Throw his ass in jail (charge him with aggravated (aggravating?) stupidity)

AMERICAblog News: GOP rep. makes veiled threat against federal judges

So it's paranoia that makes people Repugs? :)

'Stress and fear pull people toward the right'

Much easier to blame the car than just say I hit the wrong pedal.

NASA clears Toyota of 'electronics flaws' in sudden acceleration cases

Save our most successful program - Bennington Banner

Bill Nye Comes Out Against Anti-Evolution Trend

Good for Bill. The fact that a large number, if not a majority, of science teachers are either afraid to or unwilling to teach evolution is frightening. No wonder we're falling behind the rest of the world in science education. What's next? Not teaching gravity cuz Jesus didnt fall when he ascended to heaven?

No, AP, Corporate Profits Are Not Down | Media Matters for America

For the last couple of years, the AP has been the Fox News of the 'print' world. Never uncertain, always conservative, seldom right.

'Texas Miracle' looks worse by the day'

It hurts to see the old homeland suffering, but there's a bit of schadenfreude mixed in. If they hadn't been so obnoxiously blustery about their supposed economic miracle, it would be easier to feel some sympathy. Of course, if they hadn't, they wouldn't have been Texans :)

Keith Olbermann To Current TV: Hosting New Show, Becoming Chief News Officer

OOOOOOkay.... does anyone actually GET Current TV? I don't even see it in the complete (ie, more than *I* get ;) ) list on Time Warner.
Edit: Actually did find it... it's in the basic DIGITAL cable package.... another upgrade, dammit!


O’Reilly: God Causes The Tides, Not The Moon

Blue Dogs feeling ignored by Pelosi

Good... give em the mushroom treatment... leave em in the dark and feed em bullshit :)

Have I mentioned that these people are all fucking nuts? Oh, okay....

Montanta Legislator Introduces Bill to Create Armed Paramilitary Groups


More on the Kochs from Jim Hightower... if you're not aware of Jim, check him out. He's a Texas liberal of the old school, and one of the best.

I've said this before, but another great post from Justin....

Savage Stupidity. Or “Why I don’t talk to one of my friends anymore.”

Dont let the door hit ya on the way out ....

Conservative Democratic Leadership Council folding

I really like Gene Robinson. This column is one example of why :)

Eugene Robinson - The GOP's selective memory on Ronald Reagan

Wikileaks 'is bigger than any one person'

Wikileaks 'is bigger than any one person'

They're not slaves... they're just not clear :) (Look it up....)

Church of Scientology investigated over ‘slave labor’: report

Death of American dream, 60 million no sick leave, 132 million no dental

We're becoming what the right wing wants, a Dickensian country of a small, entitled upper class and a vast horde of dirty, poor, sick peasants.

Sunday, February 06, 2011


Another Reagan debunking. I'd like to place every one of these in the hands of everyone who thinks Reagan was a hard-core freakazoidal Repug like today's Repugs. He was farther right than I can see, and his treatment of the AIDS crisis blighted his soul, but he was NOT a Tea Party candidate. He's the sort they try to primary out of office. 

I thought we fought this out in the 60s and 70s

I was there; I remember; we fought; we won. Have we devolved so far that we're going to try and roll it all back and relegate women to second class status, best seen and not heard, barefoot and pregnant or black and blue?

We're number one... oh wait..... :)

AMERICAblog News: Reagan administration was number one

Religious Groups Tackle An X-Rated Secret

I'd shout praise Jesus and throw up my hands in ecstasy, but my hands are busy......


Arizona Proposes Secession Bill

Video - Bill O'Reilly interviews President Obama before Super Bowl XLV

"Bill O'Reilly asks President Obama "Does it disturb you that so may people hate you?", and then keeps bringing it up.

Great site

Common Dreams

I'm really starting to like

How Ronald Reagan Gutted The Middle Class With Free Trade

For THIS alone, Reagan will burn in hell.

On Reagan's 'shameful abdication of leadership in the fight against AIDS'

Texas Lawmakers Aim For Guns On College Campuses : NPR

And if they license them about $100,000 a pop (no pun intended), then maybe they could close their 20+ BILLION (yes with a B) budget deficit. Seriously, is there a stupider group of people on the planet than the Texas Lege? (No, Georgia doesn't match them as a GROUP, altho their individual extremities are in the Texas range) ;)

Is anyone surprised? Anyone? Anyone? Buehler?

Why Fox News Is An Industry Joke -

Wow.... I knew he was corrupt, but but who knew he was that good at it?

Guardian: 'Mubarak family fortune could reach $70bn'

GOP Caught Between a Rock and a Hard Place on Strategy Heading into 2012

They're screwed either way. Move to the more civility of the middle and they alienate their base; move towards their base and they alienate the other 85% of the country. Makes me smile.

And Cheney is the slimy face of evil...... but I digress.....

Ronald Reagan Won the Gulf War and Other Myths as Told by Dick Cheney

New Orleans population has crumbled in the last 10 years

Another artifact of BushCo's criminal mismanagement. Give it enough time and artifacts will be all that's left of New Orleans.....

Damn Librul Soshulist Commys!


Doomed, we're all doomed.

 Koch brothers now at heart of GOP power

Just Stay Home

I have the feeling, over the coming years, the Bushco Bozos are going to find their travel plans somewhat ummm constrained.

OMG how freakin' appropriate!

Sarah Palin tries to trademark her name, forgets to sign the paperwork…with her name

The ever-brilliant Michael Lewis strikes again.

When Irish Eyes Are Crying

Love it... even better than the guy on Rushbo the other day

ThinkProgress » 10 Things Conservatives Don’t Want You To Know About Ronald Reagan

What The Flap Over Health Care Tells Us About American Religion

To paraphrase John Stuart Mill, not all stupid people are fundamentalists, but all fundamentalists are stupid people.

Reagan had values?

Palin is worried that US is out of step with Reagan values

Governor Perry to slash child services spending as Texas child poverty hits 24%

When the little fuckers get themselves a PAC, THEN they can get some benefits!
 (Paraphrasing a member of the Texas Lege during a previous budget crisis)

Friday, February 04, 2011

It's like they're LOOKING FOR conflicts of interest.....


MBAs Not Worth It (IMHO, for anybody!)

My original plan (well, second plan) in college was to go the MBA/JD route (this was the seventies, when that was pretty unheard of) I didn't and every day, I'm gladder that I didnt. Every MBA I've dealt with in any context, partner, superior, co-worker, or employee was a complete waste of meat. They are full of... um theory and very much lacking in any understanding of the real world how their theories impact and conflict with reality. After we kill all the lawyers, per Shakespeare, may I suggest the MBAs.......

Don't get TOO excited about the jobs reports, just yet.

Mixed jobs report: How can the unemployment rate drop so much when the economy adds so few jobs?
IMF economist: The Ruinous Fiscal Impact of Big Banks

Backbone is everything......

Daily Kos: Bachmann backs off plan to cut veterans benefits

Morons on parade......

GOP WTF Parade on health care

Do the Egyptian protests prove George W. Bush right? (Hint: NO!)

Brilliant take down of the human smegma that are crediting Shrub with the current wave (wavelet?) of 'democratic' uprisings in north Africa. On this subject, as with every other, Bush's speech had nothing to do with his beliefs or with his actions. I don't recall him holding hands with any freedom fighters, but with the Saudi and, occasionally, the Russian oligarchs.
Edit: now with actual linkage... sorry!

Have I mentioned they're all lying morons?

Attention Fox Nation: There Is More Than One Version Of The Bible

That 1% gonna save us all!

The Republican's Hairball Budget Plan

Speaking of Rushbo.....

Here's a great audio recording of Rushbo being reduced to incoherent silence (yes, he's even incoherent saying nothing!) by a presumed progressive (he reads Media Matters, the commie!!!) questioning why conservatives revere Reagan, despite his apparent apostasy. As is said often of others from the past, the Tea Partyistas would boot Reagan out of the party in heartbeat!


I'll probably be hiding all weekend as the brouhaha over Regan's 100th reaches fever pitch. What a crock. If Reagan was active today, with his tax increases, and social security strengthening, and what not, they'd run his ass out of the party. But, he is GOD, so they just ignore the inconvenient bits, like they do with the rest of reality

Who cares what the people want?!?!?

We say they need more guns! And bigger magazines! And assault weapons! And grenade launchers! And lower taxes so they can afford it all.
They Did the Social Security Math – So You Don’t Have To

Maybe the great line of the decade (yeah, I know, it's early days....)

Haley Barbour
Charges: Looks like William Shatner if William Shatner ate a racist butter sculpture of William Shatner.
30 of the Most Loathsome People in America

Egyptian Thugs equivalent to Brooks Brothers Mobs in Fl in '00

These guys are of, from, and by Mubarak and nothing more, just as most of the Brooks Brothers Mob was Repblican staffers down to force Gore out and Bush in.

Fascinating article

Joan Walsh: We fought a war on lies, and lies won

The Incredible Shrinking Republican Budget Promise

Of course, they'll never admit to it, because that would indicate that their absolute (and absolutely correct) theories are subject to change without notice.

Can we please stop electing Republicans? Particularly the vaginally obsessed ones?

The next anti-woman shiny object: Allowing hospitals to deny abortion care
From here:

Can you say 'war criminial'? Good, I knew you could....

Donald Rumsfeld's Iraq strategy was doomed to failure, claims John McCain

WTF is wrong with these peoiple?!?!?!

Really Intriguing Map Stuff

How Segregated Is Your Community? Find Out Here


Ayn Rand and the Sociopathic Society or “How I Learned to Stop Loving My Neighbor and Despise Them

Good PR, bozos

Koch Brothers Hired Goons to Track and Threaten Critics and Reporters?

LOL I love this guy!

Anthony Weiner's Coffee Cup Is Smarter Than You

Another Great Line From Justin

“You can safely assume that you’ve created God in your own image when it turns out that God hates all the same people you do.”

Kirk Cites Al Gore's Personal Life As Impetus For Climate Flip-Flop

Al got his rocks off so I'm gonna destroy all life on earth. That's all you need to know about the political theories and philosophies of the Repugs.

These food items are disgusting

I've researched them thoroughly and can conclude you should not eat them!

Republicans mum on benefits of Affordable Care Act

Hey! Their constituents are the Insurance Companies and billionaires who want tax cuts. The folks back home are just enables, not constituents!

Egyptian protests threaten Al Qaeda

Interesting article in the link.

WOW! This is freaking scary!

Lakeside is ARTERIAL in Chicago and seeing it not only shut down but all but obliterated is weird.

It's always smart to attack the media. It's not like they'll tell anyone that you're a group of menacing thugs.

VIDEO: Anderson Cooper on being attacked by Mubarak thugs in Cairo

LOL EVERYONE wants Sarah to run!

Romney: Run, Sarah, Run

It would be more accurate to say that 80% of the Christian churches in this country are controlled by radical clerics.

Zombie Lie: Right Still Clinging To Decade-Old Fabrication About Radicalized Mosques

Arkansas gave us Clinton and now, the anti-Clinton.

Mike Huckabee mocks concerns over violent political rhetoric on his TV show

Dan Snyder is trying to get a newspaper reporter fired

As a native (now-escaped) Dallasite, one grows up HATING the Redskins. Thus, it's almost appalling to have feel sympathy for the team and the Fans. But this owner can elicit that sympathy. (here's the story that triggered this: )

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Have I mentioned that they're all evil bastards? Just checkin'!

GOP’s Pay China First Plan Puts America’s Retirees Last

Why liberals are rising up against the Koch brothers

Why liberals are rising up against the Koch brothers

See Al Gore's response to Billo below

Glenn Beck: It's cold outside... which disproves global warming!

This is beyond 'idiot'.... this is 'dangerous fucking moron' territory

Tucson tea party founder says Giffords to blame for getting shot

Feel the stupid! AIEEEE! It burns!

Palin/Bachmann: Separated At Brain

SIGN THE PETITION: Denounce Republicans' Extremist Anti-Choice Legislation

SIGN THE PETITION: Denounce Republicans' Extremist Anti-Choice Legislation

I'm available to house-sit!

We've still got a LONG way to go before the bottom stabilizes in the housing market.

US income inequality is even worse than in Egypt

This is just sick. We're more skewed than Egypt? Hell, then I want my camel!

And now on the OTHER side of Israel.....

New Jordan Government: King Abdullah II Dismisses Government

This should be interesting. Into the belly of the beast?

Charlotte to host 2012 Democratic National Convention

I want this car!

C'mon Sergio! Slap a Fiat badge on it (so the dealers don't get confused, poor babies) and IMPORT THIS CAR TO THE U.S.!

Bolton: Mubarak's downfall would mean we'd have to bomb Iran

Can we just bomb the Cato Institute or the Heritage Foundation instead? It'll save on fuel and have a better result!

The Cannibalism continues!

Scott Brown Will Get Republican Primary Challenge, Ex-Backer Vows

Conservatism Linked to Lack of Education. or “I send you to college and now you support queers!”

LOL. If you look at geographical distribution of education vs voting patterns, it's pretty obviously true. So, if you want your kids to be good Repugs when they grow up, don't Home School 'em, NO SCHOOL 'em!

What? Mary Kay wouldnt have her?

An evening of glamour with Sharron Angle (seriously)

Liberal Library has the best comment

If health care reform is unconstitutional, then so is this
South Dakota Lawmakers Propose Individual Mandate To Require Gun Ownership
Science Test: Will America Protect Our Kids’ Education From Religious Right Reactionaries?

Al Gore Explains Winter Snow To A Perplexed Bill O'Reilly | Media Matters for America

Dear Bill,

A) Weather is not climate
B) Climate change (ie global warming) involves severe swings in BOTH directions
C) STFU till you can pass Jr High level science


Good, it was a stupid requirement, let it die unmourned.

Here's one part of health care law sure to be repealed

Is this REALLY the country we want to be?

Another DADT horror story - the financial witch hunts continue

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

We should all shun Ohio, except to watch Glee :)

Blacks should shun Ohio gov who 'doesn't need them'

Talk about your ugly divorces.

Immigration officer fired after putting wife on list of terrorists to stop her flying home

This is freakin' brilliant!

Fuck the South

Arizona and the Paper Chase

Jesus! How many boomers can lay their hands on an original long form birth certificate? I couldn't; all I have is a copy of it and the County of Dallas official duplicate form (the equivalent of what Obama has) I say if Arizona is going to require it of Presidential candidates, they should require if of all candidates on the ballot. That should shut a lot of them up

Well, you know *I* think so :)

The Liberals Are Always Right (Just Give Us Time)