Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Global Warming Is Myth, but Only in America?

We are a very silly country!

What can I add!?!?!

Grayson to Cheney: STFU


Just freaking negotiate the prices! Why is this concept so hard to grasp?!?!!?!?!?

They're Just Kids, Right?

Fuck em, then. Let the little bastards get a PAC, then they can get some protective legislation.

Markos Rants!

You go gurl!

I Miss Big Cigar Paul

Oh yeah, and bring back Glass-Steagall

Deal Analysis

Dailykos weighs in with their indepth review and analysis of the 'deal' from last night.


...or I'll put a knot in your catheter!

Piercing Palin

I love Cenk Uygur... if I didnt already, his takedown of the Moosehunter would endear him to me.

No Problems at ACORN

Now that THAT monumental problem has been cleared up, can we investigate Halliburton, and KBR, and Blackwater, and Goldman, and Halliburton (so nice, it's needs it twice!)

I'm Thinking of a Number Between One and Ten

Really? Really?

Bring Back Glass-Steagall

Too big to punish? Yeesh!

Fox Backs Off Accuracy Crackdown

I guess all the dead air scared them!

Situation Normal

Sun rises, Rove lies

PBS Says Get Out

Ten-fifteen years ago, Mara Liasson used to be pretty good. Now, she's just another Villager, ie, media whore

The Four Gs

God, guns, gold, and.... Glenny?

What Can One Say?

Faux News dumbs itself down? Is that even possible?

Conflict of Interest, Anyone?

If you make the ethics people at Faux News nervous, you have to REALLY be trying!

Taking a Hike

Dear AIG Douchebags,

Don't let the door hit ya on the way out.



When In Doubt, Ask a Cab Driver

At least the 45 min WMD claim was just PFA......

HCR Reform

Looks like a deal may be in the air.....

Ezra's first notes

TPM's report

Apparently, if the reports are correct, I get coverage (just turned 55) but everyone else gets screwed. Not good.

Monday, December 07, 2009

Wanda, Wanda, Uber Alles

Watch the clip, then watch the show. Wanda is great!

Can You Say REALLY BIG Lying Sack of Shit?

I knew you could.....

Good Question

There doesnt seem to be an answer, or perhaps, I should say, the answer is nothing.


Obama speaks on speech!

Repeat After Me: Lying Sacks of Shit

I knew you could do it! :)

Key point: "Oh, and another thought: if John Cornyn thinks giving an industry $450
billion is an act of disdain, then please, let me be disdained."

Atrios Sums It Up

One thing I wish they would collectively realize is that while they speechify on C-SPAN as if they imagine the whole world is watching, they'd better hope the whole world isn't watching because "the world's greatest deliberative body" looks like a clown show to most people. No disrespect meant to clowns. Except the very scary ones.

Oh OOOPS! I Meant Some Other 'ME'

LOL Ignore that rightwing email blast you got this week! :)


Couldn't we have Carly Simon instead of Carly Fiorina? Hell, I'd settle for iCarly :)

Apropos of Nothing....

...but kinda kewl. Interesting question... does this mean Rush and Glenny recognize themselves if they see themselves on the magical tv box?

Read the Mandate

Yet another reason to be nervous about Helicopter Ben.

Angeboten, ohne Kommentar

Giant Penis Sparks Bizarre Media War

God that's fun to read! :)

Can We Just Make Him Wanker of the Decade?

Perpetual Atrios 'Wanker of the Day' strokes again!

Goldberg Is an Idiot

What more do you need to say?

God Must Love Stupid Texans

... he made so many of them (and then let them all get elected!)

Kill Them All!

Then run the survivors out of business. Then salt the earth. Then, break for lunch

Truly, Truly, TRULY Crazy

Secret Obama Muslim Anti-Christmas Plot Exposed!

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

Sigh, they really are stupid, and Boehner is more so than most. Maybe it's the shit that makes his skin orange that's affecting him :)

Gotta Love It

Brown is a great election, glad we got him!

Okay, One Reason Not to Shoot Them All

Comedy Gold!

Good Point

The economics on MoJo sometimes misses me, but this makes some sense.

Just For Laughs

Really? REALLY!?!?!?!

Really! Explain to my why we can't shoot these m*therf*ckers!?!?!?!

I Want a Job There

...or a revolution.

Offered Without Comment

<assholes> Okay, almost without comments.

Dig Up Judge Green

Fine! They're together! Now, break em up! This is such a bad idea. It's akin to the old days when the studios owned the theaters too.... they broke up TV studios from show ownership, and we got a golden age; they unbroke that decision, and we got more crap than a goose on Milk of Magnesia.... Cable companies owning broadcast networks (forget the rest of Universal)....bad idea

Can You Say Nuts?

Can you say batshit crazy?

Public Option, NOW!

Love the 'give up on the public option week' line.....

Our Politicians Are Scary Stupid, Too!

why do they think they can get away with outright lies in an age of instant fact checking and permanent records of every utterance on the web? Amazing to me

Our Media Are Scary Stupid

Of course, it IS the AP.......

Econ -101

There are a lot of economists out there who can walk and chew gum at the same time. So how come we ended up with Geithner, and Summers, and Samuelson?



Don't you love deeply reasoned debate? ;)

I Gotcher Shield

I'm soooooooo proud of my Senator!

More Damnation Army

Oh forget 'fuck them'.... kill them all!

Damnation Army

Fuck the damned bell-ringers!

Judd Dud

Explain to me again why we can't just shoot them all?

Wrong on So Many Levels

A) Private prisons a bad idea B) Religious private prisons are a VERY bad idea C) Apparently, at least one judge doesnt have his head up his ass.

Bayh? Bah!

I've got the hammer and nails, someone bring the wood. We need to hoist Cheney up on a cross and mount him Dupont Circle as an object lesson. Fucking up is okay, all administrations do it; not recognizing it, not admitting it, not even thinking it's possible, is not okay.


WOW! LGF was amongst the nuttiest of the wingnuttia (at least amongst the commentators), so this is very surprising. Johnson had announced his dissatisfaction previously, but this is unexpected!

On the Road Again

Speaking of hypocrites and stupidity, I give you Sarah Palin!

Hypocrites for Divorce!

I actually DO love this idea.....