Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sen Webb Telling It Like It Is....

Not The Election They Were Expecting -

Krugthulu Speak! You Listen!

'Sign' of the Times

Elizabeth Warren Leads Scott Brown After First Senate Debate

Bout damned time! :)

Seven Things You Need To Know About The GOP War On Voting | Eclectablog

Seven Things You Need To Know About The GOP War On Voting | Eclectablog


STUDY: Romney's Health Care Plan Leads To More Uninsured Americans, Higher Premiums Than Obamacare | ThinkProgress

But higher margins and profits for the insurance companies, I'm sure! Get your priorities straight, dammit!!!! :)


Bill Maher Takes On Rasmussen Polling: Distinguishes Itself By ‘Taking A Side’ | Mediaite

Helps explain why Rassmussen is always different (often weirdly) from the other pollsters.

Churches To Obama: Tax Us, We Dare You | The New Republic

 Hope he takes the dare but he probably won't.

Sure Looks Like It

Daily Kos: Is Mitt Romney a felon? A Q&A with MoveOn's lawyer.

Voter Suppression


Romney's "André the Giant" moment in Wednesday's prez debate - AMERICAblog

If he sets the bar low enough, even a disaster can be declared a victory. Ask Bush in 2000

Sen. Boxer: 'intimidating voters is a federal offense' (VIDEO) | Liberals Unite

Every instance of voter fraud that I'm aware of (at least in recent years... LBJ is LONG dead, okay?) has been committed by and for the Repugs. Let's not take them at face value on this issue.


Daily Kos: ELECTION FRAUD: It's the Voting Machines, Not the Voters

More on Election Fraud and Voting Machines and why we need to be hypervigilant.

FOCUS | Vote Counting Company Tied to Romney

This is very worrisome. Election fraud is far more likely at the counting end than the 'input' end (see the complete lack of reported voter fraud- you're more likely to be hit by lightning while seeing a UFO than to encounter actual voter fraud.) Check the ownership of the electronic voting machine makers and quake with fear. We're already seeing major divergences between exit polling and reported vote results. In any other country, if we were 'monitoring' the election, that's prima facie evidence of election fraud. And it's happening here.

Boycott Wall Street

Fake the Vote

True the Vote will be violating the law, almost inevitably, everywhere they operate. Ignore them (you have no responsibility to even acknowledge them) and report them. And spread the word that they are NOT official in any way shape or form and are most likely operating illegally. Do not let them intimidate ANYONE!

Voter Fraud Irony

Are YOU Pissed Off?

I'm Voting...

I LOVE the Crisp, Cool Fall Weather


Voter Suppression


The Most Interesting Voter in the World...

Obama conspiracy theory movie: Dead mother's sex life is target in Dreams From My Real Father.

What a CHARMING group of asswipes our modern Repugs are...

Rioters torch Buddhist temples in Bangladesh | The Raw Story


Suspicious voter registration forms found in 10 Florida counties -

Just gets better and better