Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Must Be Finals Week

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Lost in the Darkness

I've been in internet hell since Thursday night (thanks a fucking BUNCH! Earthlink) and completely offline since then. No net, no email, no late night chats with the bf.... it's been hell! IT'S BEEN THE EIGHTIES without the hair...... Anyway, I'm back, trying to catch up fast and looking forward to being as annoying as before as soon as possible.... need any more 'as'-es?

Thursday, October 25, 2007

No Immunity

Go and sign the petition! NOW!

Summing Up IAW

Josh sums up David Horowitz' own summation of why the Islamofascist Awareness Week was really, REALLY necessary.

Love Me!!!

The student paper at GW interviewed Horowitz on 'Islamofascism Awareness Week' and he seems to have let the cat out of the bag about the goal behind the event.

"I'm a prominent conservative but no one is inviting me to speak at their campuses," Horowitz said in an interview with The Hatchet. "I had to create an event."

The conspiracy against me is revealed by the fact that despite my popularity and prominence no one wants to have me come and speak at their campus.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Torture Bad

Trials hard… er impossible?

The FBI is quietly reconstructing the cases against Khalid Shaikh Mohammed and 14 other accused Al Qaeda leaders being held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, spurred in part by U.S. concerns that years of CIA interrogation have yielded evidence that is inadmissible or too controversial to present at their upcoming war crimes tribunals, government officials familiar with the probes said.

The process is an embarrassment for the Bush administration, which for years held the men incommunicado overseas and allowed the CIA to use coercive means to extract information from them that would not be admissible in a U.S. court of law -- and might not be allowed in their military commissions, some former officials and legal experts said. Even if the information from the CIA interrogations is allowed, they said, it would probably risk focusing the trials on the actions of the agency and not the accused.

Friday, October 19, 2007


Chris Dodd has announced his next step- if the hold on the FISA bill somehow fails (I'm looking at YOU, Harry Reid!), Dodd will filibuster the damnable bill. This could be fun; it would probably end up having to be an old fashioned 'read the Encyclopaedia Brittanica into the record' kind of filibuster. Think of the good stuff we could glean from the Congressional Record after this! Maybe he'll read all of Shakespeare... be the best quotes in the CR since Fulbright left the Senate!

Another Reson Not to Grant Telecom Immunity

You can never grant any privilege to these assholes, ever. They are all greedy bastards, interested only in their own bonuses, the customer, the employees, the nation, the world be damned.

GODDAMMIT, Dianne! Stop This!

I am once again forced to denounce my own DEMOCRATIC Senator for betraying everything she should stand for as a Democrat, hell, as an AMERICAN! Once again, Dianne Feinstein has voted a bill out of the Intel Cmte that should have been sent to Larry Craig to use in his off hour activities in restrooms. The bill gives Preznit Dumbfuck everything he wants, demands nothing of him, offers no real protection to the American citizenry, and, of course, lets the Telcos off the hook for any violations of law or rights that they might have committed in the name of our Fearless Leader. Great Dianne, just fucking great. We could have elected Darrell Issa or some other San Diego moron Senator for all the good YOU are doing us.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Good For Chris

For reasons beyond human understanding, the Senate (I'm looking at you, Jay Rockefeller!!!!) was set to pass the FISA bill out WITH corporate immunity. But, thanks to the monumentally stupid rules of the Senate, it's possible for Sen. Dodd to bottle it up and prevent it from coming to the floor

Two thoughts.... first, fix this fucking bill. Second, fix the stupid rules in the Senate!

(and third, get rid of these fucking appeasers in the Senate)

Reagonomics DOES Work!

Proof in the Onion!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

It's Bush's World

...we just live in it. Kevin sums up the world diplomatic situation in one pithy paragraph:

AROUND THE WORLD IN 90 SECONDS....Turkey has warned us that if Congress passes a resolution calling the 1915 Armenian genocide a genocide, "military ties with the U.S. will never be the same again." Russia and the other states surrounding the Caspian Sea are cozying up to Iran and warning us not to even think about launching an attack against Iran's nuclear facilities. China is "furious" because President Bush is meeting with the Dalai Lama. India is having "certain difficulties" approving its nuclear deal with the U.S. Britain is pulling out of Iraq, the Iraqis are pissed off at us over Blackwater, Afghan leaders are angry over our poppy spraying program, and Pakistan continues to provide a safe haven for the Taliban.

Other than that, though, how are things going for us?

Good News for Texas (and America)

While I no longer live there, I keep half an eye on the goings on in Texas, and the announcement that Kay Bailey Hutchinson is not running for re-election is great news. She is perhaps one of the most inane women ever to achieve power and (perhaps relatedly) a HUGE backer of her fellow Texan, Preznit Dumbfuck. We'll see who replaces her, but it will be hard for him/her to be worse; altho given the state of the Repug party in Texas, it is certainly not impossible.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Question of the Week

WTF is Tyler Perry and why should I care?

Krugman Pushes Back

Paul Krugman exposes most of the lies and distortions in the Graeme Frost escapade of the last week or so. Knocks the ball back into the VRWC's noise machine's teeth.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Has Rush's Head Exploded Yet?

Just wondering while watching miscellaneous coverage of Gore's Nobel win today....

No Way This Ends Well....

The CIA has started eating its own in public. CIA IG John Helgerson, long a controversial figure at the CIA, is being investigated by CIA chief Michael "I am NOT Himmler" Hayden, for overstepping his authority and not being "impartial" (read not toeing the line). Someone call me when the last human is forced out of DC and nothing but vampires and undead are left.

Congrats, Al

I was trying to think of what to say about Gore's winning the Nobel Peace Prize, then Josh said for us:

First, before any other yapping and commentary, a big congratulations to Al Gore.

There are several layers of irony and poetic justice wrapped into this honor. The first is that the greatest step for world peace would simply have been for Gore not to have had the presidency stolen from him in November 2000. By every just measure, Gore won the presidency in 2000 only to have George W. Bush steal it from him with the critical assistance of the US Supreme Court. It's worth taking a few moments today to consider where the country and world would be without that original sin of this corrupt presidency.

And yet this is a fitting bookend, with Gore receiving this accolade while the sitting president grows daily an object of greater disapproval, disapprobation and collective shame. And let's not discount another benefit: watching the rump of the American right detail the liberal bias of the Nobel Committee and at this point I guess the entire world. Fox News vs. the world.

And not to forget what this award is about even more than Gore. If half of what we think we know about global warming is true, people will look back fifty years from now on the claims that "War on Terror" was the defining challenge of this century and see it as a very sick, sad joke -- which rather sums up the Bush presidency.

But more than thinking only of what might have been, where can we go from here?

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Plamegate Redux

This is, to me, just unbelievable. An outside intel operation (why is there a for-profit intelligence industry? Oh, never mind....) lets the White House know they've found something interesting on Al Qaeda's servers (why aren't... oh, screw it....), and within HOURS, the info is being trumpeted on Faux News. Of course, within minutes of that, all the AQ servers are off-line and that potential source of info is cut off. Mind-boggling incompetence combined with self-serving treason; that pretty much sums up this entire Administration. From Iraq to Iran to global warming to Social Security to this latest affair, there is presumably NOTHING these morons can't fuck up!

What Will the Talibangelicals Do?

There's a lot of talk that Dobson and the rest of the religious right will abandon the GOP for a third party if Giuliani is the candidate next year. I don't think they will and Kevin gives a compelling argument as to why they won't:

Dobson might be pissed, but what he really cares about is judicial appointments, and he knows that even Giuliani will appoint judges that he likes. Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama, by contrast, certainly won't. So in the end, even if Rudy gets the GOP nomination, he'll swallow hard and endorse him.

Sunday, October 07, 2007


USC lost. LSU almost lost. And Cal is probably number one come Monday. I won't discuss UCLA cuz the bf is near suicidal!

On the fun side, Oral Roberts University has some sordid sex scandal brewing, involving 'underage males'. WHOOHOO!

Friday, October 05, 2007

How Have The Mighty Fallen.....

The NYTimes has been slowly becoming the 'newspaper of retard' for a long time, leaving the Post (Wash, not NY!!!) as the foremost newspaper in the country. But for the last couple of years, primarily since the 2004 elections, the Post has been heading for NYTerritory. The editorial page has become a joke (one word: Broder) but today's unsigned editorial urging the Congress to capitulate to the Shrub administration DOJ is just beyond belief. Almost makes the WSJ editorial page sound good.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The Ultimate Candidte

Kos has found him!

Blackwater, Black Mood

Josh points to a blog that sums up the hearing this morning pretty well; confused Congressthings asking confused questions and getting confused/confusing answers.