Friday, May 22, 2015

Republicans Desperately Rewriting History To Evade Blame For Setting Iraq On Fire, Creating ISIS |

We can't let the GOP rewrite the truth.

The Best of Nick Hanauer

Trade and Trust -

Krugthulu eviscerates TPP and the WH weasely support of it.

No One Could Have Known.....


Addicting Info – Liberals Are About To Outnumber Conservatives On Social Issues (CHART)

"For years, conservatives have been pushing a brutal social agenda that would outlaw homosexuality, ban abortion without exceptions, allow racism and discrimination against others, make the Bible the law of the land, and punish the poor. But it looks like we know why conservatives are so desperate to create their dream world."

The Not-So-Perfect Kilogram and Why the Metric System Might Be Screwed | Mental Floss


5 Scientific, Peer-Reviewed Studies That Prove Republicans Are Just Stupid

'Five questions were asked, and those who watch Fox News exclusively got
1.04 correct, on average
. Individuals watching MSNBC, on the other hand,
got 1.26. NPR listeners? They got an impressive 1.51. The Daily Show?
Surely a “fake news” program couldn’t make you more informed than “the
most watched cable news channel in America.” '

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Major Study On Marriage Equality Was A Fraud | ThinkProgress

<sigh> I hate it when our side cheats. Well, actually, I only hate
when our side gets caught. :)  That said, either we're more honest or
more clever and twisted than the conservatives, since every other study
they drag out turns out to be fake or flawed. This is the first one of
ours in recent memory (actually, in any memory, but I AM getting old!)
that had to be walked back. I'm sure there are others, but they don't
spring to mind.

Tell Newark Archbishop: Reinstate priest fired for "No H8" photo

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Finally: Big Banks Plead Guilty To Criminally Rigging Markets For Profits, Fined $5.6 Billion |

$5.6billion is what? Maybe a week's worth of profits? We need to amend
the legal system so that the fine is dependent on the net worth and/or
income (actual income, not taxable!) of the offender. And some crimes
should be hit with penalties that wipe out the company. If nothing else,
it will make shareholders, which these days are primarily other big
financial companies (mutual funds, ETFs, hedge funds, etc) behave more
actively in overseeeing their investments. There's way too much go along
to get along among boards and share holders and management. If the JD
can make that investment worthless, then they might slightly more
invested (npi) in seeing to that their EMPLOYESS  (which is what
management is!!!!) don't break every fucking law in the books chasing
that one additional penny (or billions of pennies!!!) Wipe somebody out
and see the rest start to behave. It's what we do with normal citizens;
since, corporations are people too (thanks Supreme Court!) then we need
to treat them lick the repeat offending citizens that they are!

The Slow-Mo Scandal That Could Crush Scott Walker's Presidential Hopes | Mother Jones

Yet the ongoing controversy has cast a pall over the rising Republican
star and has exposed the inner workings of a political machine that
allegedly flouted election laws and wooed anonymous dark-money donors,
teetering between campaigning and corruption.

(Me)- They're all wholly owned whores of someone or something, often both.

This Has Been Another Episode of Simple Answers to Simple Questions!

Well, that's easy to understand! The Iraq war wasn't started by Kenyan Muslim Socialist Homo-friendly Gun-hating.... ummm know... that word we can't say anymore, thanks to them damned libruls!

What It Means To Be A Liberal |

GREAT post! Made me all warm and gooey inside :)

Addicting Info – New Jersey Newspaper Pops Chris Christie’s Bubble Of Delusion That People Love Him (VIDEO)

They lied, thousands, maybe millions, died. Anyone got the phone number for the Hague?

Addicting Info – New Jersey Newspaper Pops Chris Christie’s Bubble Of Delusion That People Love Him (VIDEO)

LOL The Star-Ledger answered my question of yesterday. They sum it up succinctly:

    “For months, we have wondered how Gov. Chris Christie thinks he can win the presidency when New Jersey is in such rotten shape after his six years in office.

    “Now we may have our answer: The man has lost touch with reality.”
Asked and answered.

Antigay pastor resigns after outed on Grindr

Sometimes, my well-developed sense of schadenfreude worries me. Then I
realize I just have a deep appreciation of justice being delivered :)

Christie: NJ Voters Don't Want Me As Prez Because 'They Want Me To Stay'

LOL Delusional much, Chrissy?

Bernie Sanders' Plan for Free College Could End Racial Disparities in Higher Ed | TakePart

Addicting Info – Idaho (Mostly) Overcomes Fear Of Islam, Approves Child Support Bill

Wow! This going to be a real setback in Idaho's quest to be named the
wackiest state.
Guess they've realized they can't compete with Texas and
Florida :)

Waco biker gang shooting fails to deter push to expand 'open carry' gun laws | US news | The Guardian

Texas really is driving the car off the cliff....

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Texas Governor Signs Bill That Makes Local Fracking Bans Illegal | ThinkProgress

I guess the whole smaller government thing applies to the Feds dealing
with the states.
States versus their components? Not so much. Or it
could just be that every Repug in Texas is a psychotc jerk, wholly owned
by the 'Awl Bidness'

Innocent Lives Ended Thanks To Gun Fetish Death Culture

Brilliantly written and gut-wrenching. No anger, just sadness reaching to the forlorn...

This Republican Governor Wants to Put Fewer People Behind Bars | TakePart

Damn... Rick Snyder is wrong on everything. Does this we have to rethink the whole criminal justice system reform programs? My brain hurts! :)

Members of a Canadian indigenous tribe turned down $267,000 per person to allow a pipeline to be built through their land | Fusion

Wow! Props to the First Nations!

TN Politician Guilty As Domestic Terrorist In Muslim Mass Murder Plot

Just a reminder that if there's domestic terrorsim, it's almost all on the backs of the far right, wingnut Christers. Our side hasn't had any good terrorists since the ADA and their ilk broke up :)

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Exxon CEO Joins Lawsuit to Stop Fracking Near His Home

I repeat: Hypocrisy much?

Addicting Info – GOP Rep. Blames Amtrak’s ‘Soviet-Style Operation’ For Fatal Crash

Can we just slaugher (preferably in prime time, on PPV) all Repugs from FL? I'd like to make it all of them, but baby steps...

Bernie Sanders Exposes 18 CEOs who took Trillions in Bailouts, Evaded Taxes and Outsourced Jobs

Hypocrisy much, Mr CEO?

Addicting Info – 2nd Amendment For Whites Only? Conservatives Freak Out Over New Black Panthers Carrying Guns

Addicting Info – 2nd Amendment For Whites Only? Conservatives Freak Out Over New Black Panthers Carrying Guns

Wingnut Tells Readers Obama To Declare Himself Dictator For Life And Will Ban Gun Ownership (VIDEO) | If You Only News

The end times are coming. Oh, not because of Obama, but because of the
overheated fever-dreams of the whackjob Christers. They're going to
burst into flames soon and consume the earth as they burn. Hey, it makes
as much as sense as this piece of dreck, and is equally well sourced
(plucked from ass...)

Scott Walker's Corporate Tax Breaks Come Back To Haunt Him | ThinkProgress

Apparently Scooter sucks at math as well as governance.

Addicting Info – The Biggest Threat To Christianity In The United States Is Republican Politicking

So true... in fact, it's the ONLY threat.

Dave Newport

Addicting Info – NRA Already Hyping Up Lies About Hillary Clinton To Tinfoil Hat Wearing Followers

No no no! Get your own lies straight, assholes. OBAMA is going to take our guns! Remember? You've been saying so every day since he announced his candidacy. You know what? I bet he waits til the Jade Dildo exercise takes over Texas and while everyone is looking over there, he'll sneak in and steal all our guns! Wait... what? Misdirection and sleight of hand are YOUR gig? Well, he'll think of something, I'm sure. So, northing for Hillary to do. Try yelling Benghazi as often and as loudly as Fox Noise will let you. Altho, honestly, even they've looked a little tired of that gambit.

Sympathy For The Speaker - The National Memo

Sorry. No sympathy here. They played the wrong game and lost. <buzzer sound> Sorry, thanks for playing, move along now...

GOP Nut Alan Keyes Calls President Obama A Serial Killer – Compares Him to Hitler And Stalin | If You Only News

The first Godwin Award of the weekend goes to perennial nutjob, Alan
Keyes. No matter how low your expectations, somehow Keyes always manages
not to meet them!


The Jeb Bush Adviser Who Should Scare You | Mother Jones

God, if Wolfowitz is in Jebbie's 'cabinet, we might as well just start lobbing nukes at ourselves now and avoid the rush.

Awaken, Mem'ry....

Friday, May 15, 2015

Vote!?! We don't need no stinkin' vote!

Addicting Info – HYPOCRISY ALERT: Republicans Want The Pope To Stop Inserting Religion Into Politics

There's no war on women, see! Oh wait...what?

Addicting Info – House Republicans Pass Harmful Abortion Ban During National Women’s Health Week

There's no war on women, see! Oh wait...what?

Addicting Info – Wisconsin GOP Passes Bill Banning Poor People From Buying Shellfish, Potatoes And Ketchup

There's going to be a lot of burning in hell when this generation bites the bullet. Unbelievably cruel, evil, and pointlessly so,

Addicting Info – Illinois House Slaps Down Right-To-Work Law, Gives Strong Rebuke To Union-Busting Governor

Here's how a billionaire governor relates to the people: take away what little protections they already have.

Carly Fiorina Just Showed Total Contempt For Public Employees (VIDEO)

She is a stupid cow, a member and tool of the 1%, and an enemy of the people. But, GOD, I love that photo! It should run with every article, post, or daydream about her til the election process spits her out (a week after the first primary?)

Tell Pfizer to drop ALEC

Join me and sign on: tell @Pfizer to drop ALEC

This Week In Crazy: Satan Is In Your Marijuana - The National Memo

Another stellar week. We'll all need to drink ourselves blind this weekend to get the taste of this week out. Bottoms up!

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