Monday, November 30, 2009

Idiot George

... is harshing my mellow, man!

(Never thought I'd get to type George Will and marijuana in the same box!)


Haven't seen this yet in the corporate media!


We all knew Shrub was a fuckup, now we know how much.... not that we didnt suspect it before hand :)

Pretty Purity Party

Interesting take on the whole purity test thing

These aren't GREAT meltdowns, but they are at least mildly amusing snaps

Fags Make Baby Jesus Cry

Can we just shoot them all? (the idiots, not the fags!!!!) ;)

What Is Wrong With These People?!?!!?

Is this pathetic or pathological?

Saturday, November 28, 2009

I REALLY Like Markos

We Must Avoid Afghanistan Trap

I don't remember it coming up, but I refer everyone back to the early sixties and Viet Nam, let alone the 80s and the Soviets and Afghanistan. There's a reason it's called the graveyard of Empires.... ask Alexander or the Brits....

Tweedledum and Tweedledummer Blair and Bush. Tums and Zantac. Prozac and Xanax. Make me stop......

Blair and Bush. Tums and Zantac. Prozac and Xanax. Make me stop......

Great! Now Shoot Em All

Judge Voids Mortgage Due to Bank’s “Bad Faith

How Deriviative

I agree with Atrios... it's a good idea, but it probably won't happen.

What A Load of Crap

The problems in CA are almost all intimately involved in the early conservative (read REAGAN) movement, and it's deadly after-effect. Prop 13 trashed the local tax base, punitive law (and brutal law enforcement) which now has us spending more on prisons than higher education, and the Repug Party ... See Moreunwilling to work on any solutions that aren't tax cuts. It's not profligate spending that's the problem (we spend less per capita than most statess), it's the stupid tax situation that forces the state to subsidize local governments and mandates for spending arising from our IDIOTIC initiative/ referendum system.

Don't blame the Dems for this mess; it's all squarely in the laps of St Ronnie and St Howard (Jarvis)

Death Panel-palooza

Annoying hacks or lying sacks of shit. We report; you decide!

Tendered Without Comment

Is any possible without convulsive laughter?

Conservatives Truly Are Stupid People

Sheesh, they spend way too much time looking for teapots to throw tempests in......

Screw the War on Christmas

End the war on my sanity. Someone, please, put him out of my misery.

"God's Work"

Speaking of God, thank him for Robert Scheer!


My secret sin is my concern about global climate disruption is a distant second to my love of evil, expensive, fast cars. Top Gear, the best show in the world that my fucking cable company doesn't carry, pits too against each other. Enjoy.

Part 2

Public Option Musing

They really are dense in DC.....

Key graf: "The number one reason we pay so much more for health care has nothing
to do with overusing care because of a fee-for-service system. It is
just that the "fee" we pay for those services is so dramatically higher than any other nation’s."

Friday, November 27, 2009

No Shit!

Ya think?

Gimme Some Purity

Good post on the proposed Repug 'purity test.'

If It Shoots, Tax It?

I love this idea.

Deficit Thoughts

Keynes lives (thank God)... did we learn nothing in the Depression?

Front Loader

Dear God, I hope this is true and doable (probably yes, and probably no, in that order :) )

Something about Mark....

What a wanker.

Oh stop

Some people shouldn't be allowed to run for Congress without some aesthetics training. My eyes are still bleeding.

Bailout Mythology

Interesting read... the last two paragraphs sum up my empathy for them.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tax squeeze

Our tax system is broken and inherently evil, to boot......

Sea, Sun, Sand, and Suits

Rich people are nuts! Wish I still was one ;)


Damn! That whole 9/11 thing never happened? Wow!

Random Psychic Fascism?

God I love the stupidity of this country!


The video is too cool. Recommendation- let it load completely cuz the buffering is more like buffeting in this action extravagance... :)

Ensign Pulver-ized

Let them Eat Dog Food?

A hopeful sign amidst the rubble of congress.....

Cassandra Lives

And is inhabiting Howard Dean's body.... unfortunately, he makes a lot of sense.

Good Old Joe Lie-berman

Founding member of the Excuse of the Month Club.....

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Rein in the Reign of Oligarchs

I'll never be glad that Bush won in 2004, but I may be getting gladder that Kerry lost... sweet fucking jesus...... what a loon

Monday, November 23, 2009


Martha goes after Sarah.....

Swwep the Street

Steve Kyle at AmericaBlog has a long post on the benefits (financial, economic, and psychic) of reigning in the obscene profits (for basically doing nothing) of Goldman and their ilk. Being an investor, and primarily in the instruments in question (deriviatives), I'm leery of over-regulation (or random regulation)

But since the 'repeal' of Glass-Stegall in 99, the proitability of the majors has skyrocketed, primarily on the creation of ether, and the stability of the market has plummeted. Market efficiency has been shown to be an elusive dream in the face of obscene short term profits. Who cares if the market crashes next week, if I can get my 1.5 billion today- it'll still be worth a half billion afterwards BOOHOO

So this is one case where I'm all in favor of regulation, even if it may hurt me in the short run. This has to be reined in, or the idiots on the Street will destroy the system.

I think he sums it up well when he says "I, for one, would be very happy with less efficiency but more stability." Amen.

Paralysis Analysis

Even a blind squirrel (or Fred Hiatt) can find a nut occasionally.

Liar, Liar!

The key difference between the parties, ideology aside, seems to be that the Repugs are willing to say anything, regardless of truth or consequences, these days. The Dems may stretch, or embellish, or polish, but, with a few exceptions (mostly Conservadems who probably WISH they could be Repugs :) ), they don't go for ...the Big Lie the way, or with anything like the gusto, the Repugs do. Note: Joe Lie-bermann is no longer a Dem ;)

So.... They'll All Be Gone by Week's End?

Apparently suddenly self aware for the first time in their decade plus existence, Faux News is concerned about accuracy! Accuracy? Faux News? Can the twain meet? Can a pig fly?


I have no idea why blogger is putting the posts out in a stunning variety of fonts and font sizes...... I'll try to figure out a way to standardize it, but in the meantime, pop a shroom and enjoy ;)

Separate Church and State... with a Crowbar

We need to yank the tax exemption from every church that has ever, once, opened its mouth on any, one, political topic. And if I had my way, we'd make it retroactive to the sixties, levy interest and penalties and give them 30 days to pay or we seize everything. Then sell their property to casinos, pimps, and gay activist groups :) That'll teach em! :)

Blame Canada!

This is just so funny..... kinda the reverse of the earlier part of the decade :) We get rid of Bush and they elect Bush-lite!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Rendered without Comment.....

...mostly cuz I'm speechless!

Has Rupert Gone Round the Bend?

Has he seen Tomorrow Never Dies one too many times and thinks he REALLY is Elliott Carver?!?!

Okay... some point, moderation just becomes useless stupidity. I fear we, or at least Team Obama, is reaching that point!

They Really Are Stupid People, Part (fillintheblank)

Guilty till proven dead? She is just a stupid, moronic cunt!

They Really Are Stupid People

How many wheels can fly off the Repug wagon?


I LOVE this......

They May Be Evil.....

...but at least they're upfront about it! :)

We're So Over Overdraft Fees

This is good... the banks, particularly the meganationals are out of control (on so many levels, but that's 15 or 20 other posts....)

You Go Girl!

Digby strikes paydirt!

Not Sure Where This Is Going

Iyee! I want regulation of the finserv business (with teeth!) but let's keep Congress as far from the levers as possible. If they want to set limits or triggers in the establishing legislation fine, but not on a day to day basis. Yeesh. Michele Bachman or Mike Pence with a foot on the accelerator (or brake) scares the piss out of me.

Can You Say Hypocrites?

I knew you could. If you want to see REAL hypocrisy google focus on the family health plan abortion...... might surprise some contributors to find out that Dobson pays for staffers' abortions :D

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Fine Them til They Die

The only way to curb corporate crime is to put the really egregious offenders out of business with horrendous fines. Yes, it punishes the innocent stockholders, but for the most part, stockholders aren't innocent mom and pop types. They're enormous money and fund managers who acquiesce to anything mgmt wants instead of... functioning as active stock holders. Burn them enough times, and they will take their duties as board members, and as fiduciaries to their investors, more seriously.

Wal Mart Must Die

I dont shop at Wal Mart, but now I'm an activist. Fuck them till they die, and may all the Waltons break out in pustulating boils!

Since it isnt showing the link in the post, altho it shows up in editing , here it is:

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Why.... Repugs hate our troops?

Goodhair v Hairhelmet

From Darksyde at dKos:

This graf from the new Texas Tribune pretty much says it all:

Gov. Rick Perry leads U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison by 12 percentage points in the Republican primary for governor, but she does better than him in hypothetical matchups with Democrats in next November's general election. In the inaugural University of Texas/Texas Tribune Poll, Perry had the support of 42 percent of self-identified Republican primary voters, against Hutchison's 30 percent.

Rush Explains It All


Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Knock, knock!
Who’s there?
Joe who?
Joe Lieberman.
Get off my doorstep, you asshole [...]

What do you get when you cross Joe Lieberman with a frog? A fascinating, frog-voiced lump of wrinkles whose blood runs cold with reptilian contempt for those in need. And a frog.

From: 10 jokes about Joe Lieberman.


A GOP health plan! And guess what! It sucks!


Maybe the GOP voodoo is failing down South!

Lying Liars, Etc:

From Kos:

You know how Fox (and its talking heads) keep claiming that their ratings spiked through the roof after the White House called them out for being the RNC's propaganda outlet? Lies.

Need Another Reason to Hate Your Boss?

Not applicable in AL, MS, or for the self employed!


The rich get whinier!

These Aren't Thomas a Becket

To paraphrase Henry II, won't someone rid us of these meddlesome pricks?