Saturday, May 17, 2008

Kennedy Hospitalized

Teddy Kennedy was rushed from Hyannisport to a Boston hospital today, with symptoms that are being described as stroke-like. Details as they emerge.

First,We Kill All the Reporters?

I've made no secret of my contempt for the broad spectrum of MSM reporting over the years, but it's really getting absurd. The lack of real reporting, real journalism, particularly anything approaching investigative journalism, in the MSM is reaching pandemic proportions, particularly in the political realm. But the non-coverage of Sec. Gates comments that DIRECTLY contradict Dumbfuck's hissy fit at the Knesset is AMAZING. Most appalling is CNN's editing mention of it out a recurring report. Media Matters, as usual, smacks 'em upside the head for it.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Return of Serve

Given Shrub's moronity this morning at the Knesset, basically calling all right-thinking people minions of Chamberlain, Atrios uses an archival Guardian article and slams his weak serve back into his face with the following article:

How Bush's grandfather helped Hitler's rise to power

Thursday, May 01, 2008

DC Madame Dies

Deborah Palfrey has apparently been found dead in her mother's house in Florida. She was convicted several weeks ago on all counts of the DC call ring trial (without getting to call any of the 'names' involved as witnesses.) No details yet, but it is being called a suicide. It will be interesting to see where this goes.