Friday, May 22, 2015

Republicans Desperately Rewriting History To Evade Blame For Setting Iraq On Fire, Creating ISIS |

We can't let the GOP rewrite the truth.

The Best of Nick Hanauer

Trade and Trust -

Krugthulu eviscerates TPP and the WH weasely support of it.

No One Could Have Known.....


Addicting Info – Liberals Are About To Outnumber Conservatives On Social Issues (CHART)

"For years, conservatives have been pushing a brutal social agenda that would outlaw homosexuality, ban abortion without exceptions, allow racism and discrimination against others, make the Bible the law of the land, and punish the poor. But it looks like we know why conservatives are so desperate to create their dream world."

The Not-So-Perfect Kilogram and Why the Metric System Might Be Screwed | Mental Floss


5 Scientific, Peer-Reviewed Studies That Prove Republicans Are Just Stupid

'Five questions were asked, and those who watch Fox News exclusively got
1.04 correct, on average
. Individuals watching MSNBC, on the other hand,
got 1.26. NPR listeners? They got an impressive 1.51. The Daily Show?
Surely a “fake news” program couldn’t make you more informed than “the
most watched cable news channel in America.” '

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Major Study On Marriage Equality Was A Fraud | ThinkProgress

<sigh> I hate it when our side cheats. Well, actually, I only hate
when our side gets caught. :)  That said, either we're more honest or
more clever and twisted than the conservatives, since every other study
they drag out turns out to be fake or flawed. This is the first one of
ours in recent memory (actually, in any memory, but I AM getting old!)
that had to be walked back. I'm sure there are others, but they don't
spring to mind.

Tell Newark Archbishop: Reinstate priest fired for "No H8" photo

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