Monday, January 31, 2011

Does becoming a Repug politician make you stupid

...or do you have to be stupid to become a Repug politician?

Krugman 1, Issa 0


Let me put this as simply as I can-

If ORRIN HATCH is too far to the left for you, you are NOT out of the mainstream, you're fucking nuts!

More evidence the next few years will really really suck

Science, schmience!

Once Again.....

Sign the damned petition! :)
Denounce Republicans' Extremist Anti-Choice Legislation

"bible-induced psychosis" ... I like that phrase.... it's a good day for wordsmiths :)

Why Do Extremist Christian Republicans Treat Women Like Property?

What's Ross Perot doing these days?

Nearly half of Palin's GOP backers may vote third-party if she isn't nominated

Oh boy, another warm body enters the race.....

Huntsman to step down as ambassador to China

It's not often I praise ATT to the detriment of Verizon, but in this case, I will.

AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile Unlikely To Challenge Net Neutrality

Holy Crap. Just rename it the Black is White Award and be done with it.

Rumsfeld to receive ‘Defender of the Constitution Award’ at CPAC

Great Stuff

From Facebook posts today:
Your car is Japanese. Your Vodka is Russian. Your pizza is Italian. Your kebab is Turkish. Your democracy is Greek. Your coffee is Brazilian. Your movies are American. Your tea is Tamil. Your shirt is Indian. Your oil is Saudi Arabian. Your electronics are Chinese. Your numbers - Arabic, your letters - Latin. And you complain that your neighbor is an immigrant? Pull yourself together! Copy if you're against racism.

"Even in Texas." Great line.

Liberals are not REAL Americans. or “or Not from a small town? You SUCK!”

Two words- Fuck Florida

(and their felonious governor!) (as time passes, feel free to replace Florida with Oklahoma, Texas, Georgia, and/or Wyoming!) :)

Good news for Progressives.

If we wait a generation or two, Texas and Oklahoma may just devolve themselves out of existence.

Oh my god! That's the problem we have in Iraq! We're in the wrong place!!!

Fox News graphics department has shaky grasp of Mideast geography

Oy! Sounds Good to me

Protect Our Elections Calls on Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas to Step Down in Light of His Admission That He Falsified Twenty Years of Financial Disclosures

What's up for Egypt?

Atrios sums it up best:

The best next step is a 150,000 person US occupation of Egypt so we can write their constitution, figure out who their interim leader should be, and then spend 10 years training security forces.

...Also mercenaries. Lots and lots of mercenaries.

Muhbarakh is toast

The key line in the whole piece:
"As for the closely-watched Egyptian army, troops took no action against protestors today."
If he's lost the army, he better get on a plane to Switzerland right now. Go hide with his money.

The Rivera story just keeps getting better.... errrr, I mean worse :)

Daily Kos: FL-25: More allegations against Rep. David Rivera

Gee... and now the mysterious workers have just vaporized? Whoda thunkit?

Daily Kos: "Snow Slowdown" by public workers a Republican exaggeration

These people are REALLY stupid

... but he's from GA, so we'll just accept it as a given ;)

Really fascinating article on Pre- and (just barely) Post-Columbian America.

Apropos of nothing:

I HATE Steve Douchey, but I DO love this title :)

War Room: Steve Doocy: Roger Ailes' attack poodle

A little deeper coverage of the Supreme Whores

Sunday, January 30, 2011


I may need to cut back on the sarcasm in the blog... apparently, the ad-spiders are starting to think I'm a conservative, judging by the ad for Krauthammer's book (DON'T BUY IT OR I'LL SHOOT YOU!) and 'Repeal Obama' on the site today! OY!

Okay, between stupid rulings and Scalia and Thomas being serial law breakers...

I'm removing the violent rhetoric ban against the Supes...

The gang that couldnt shoot (or look) straight......

Breitbart, Fox Nation defend Bachmann and blame CNN for something Fox News did

How could they narrow it to TEN?

Glenn Beck Quotes - Top 10 Craziest Glenn Beck Quotes of All Time

This would be great, if true... almost worth springing for HBO for :)

HBO just ordered an Aaron Sorkin pilot. Will Keith Olbermann be involved?


Ya Think?

CBO Paints Black Picture If Republican Policies Are Continued


Dear Americans Who Are Not Rich:

Do As I Say, Not As I Do....

Ayn Rand Fanboy Paul Ryan Used Social Security “Hammock” to Put Himself Through College |

The Resurrection of Republican Jesus

If you missed this before, it's one of the most insightful (and funniest) pieces on the inter-tubes in a while. Read and laugh (preferably while pointing at a Repubican!) :)

Well, if anyone knows "feckless and opportunistic", it would be Bolton

Political FAILS Of The Week: Sarah Palin WTF Moments & Homosexuality Is A Sin (PHOTOS)

The Differences

Aside from Dems not being mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging, congenitally-lying buffoons?

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Your Daily Schadenfreude Moment

brought to you by Michelle Bachmann and the spineless GOP :)

Krugman @ NYT: Their Own Private Europe

The inimitable Krugster takes on Ryan and the myths about Ireland and Britain. I'm re-reading his The Great Unraveling, and it's frightening how prescient he was in that and how accurately his columns pricked the lies of the 00s.

New White House Picks (Almost) Rebalance Civil Rights Commission

Just reminds me of how much I hated the Bush admin and what a pile of human excrement they really were.....

They're coming after them.... it's their biggest wet dream

Daily Kos: Beware Republicans bearing Medicare, Social Security privatization plans

Tell Defense Secretary Gates to stop sending bill collectors after Lt. Dan Choi

Yes, another damned petition! :)

Well, they do dumb well. They also seem to know a lot about hell, which is good, cuz they're headed there.

The House GOP's Plan to Redefine Rape

It's gonna be an UGLY two years.......

Daily Kos: GOP freshman Senator who thinks child labor laws unconstitutional named to Judiciary Committee

Makes me proud to have voted for whathisname.....

DOD: Gay vets discharged under DADT will be docked half their separation pay

What Would a Republican/Tea Party Government Do Within 2 Years Governing?

Welcome to the new amusement park MCKINLEYLAND! (Formerly known as the United States of America)


Haskell Blows Whistle on Underwear Bomber, Government Op

Interesting, if a little out there. Altho given the Homeland Security 'apparatus' and the previous Admin's general lack of anything approaching responsibility or morals, nothing would surprise me.

LOL, lock that barn door!

When Repugs piss off the VFW, you know they have problems!

VFW vows to defeat Bachmann plan to slash veterans benefits

We're losing MSNBC piece by freaking piece. It's really sad.

Ed Schultz 'Psycho Talk' Segment Axed By MSNBC

When Rachel goes, so do I!

Slate: Return to the gold standard? It's just crazy enough for some state legislators to propose it.

Oh god, it's not just Georgia (see WAYYYY below)- it's spreading to LOTS of Red States.

Hypocrisy in action :)

Ayn Rand took government assistance while decrying others who did the same

Shizzle! And all this time, I thought it was just Satanic :)

Court Says Playing Dungeons & Dragons In Prisons Represents Gang Behavior

When the politically fueled murder of a 9-year-old girl in Arizona is NOT national news

It's not national news when the victim is non-white and anyone involved uses the word 'drugs'... then it's all just fine.

This is getting intense. Stay tuned...

Protesters in Suez, Egypt storm, sack main police station

Vitter, Rand Paul Propose Amendment To Pare Back Birthright Citizenship

Let's "pare" back their citizenship..... Free brises for Senators, bring a paring knife!

Bachmann eyes cuts to veterans health benefits

Support our troops, except when it cost money or might interefere with tax cuts or something more important.... bitch

I Want More Boner!

Wow! Anti-Koch Protests?

This weekend is going to be interesting. That area is a patchwork of the hyper-liberal and the hyper-conservative. Going to be interesting to see the law enforcement reaction to all the DFHs.

WTF? This is insane! How did Illinois become more barbaric than Texas?

75-Year Prison Sentence for Taping the Police? The Absurd Laws That Criminalize Audio and Video Recording

AMERICAblog Gay: Obama admin. demands Dan Choi pay $2500 for DADT discharge

If this is true, everyone from the President, to the SecArmy, to the bureaucrats, to the collection agency, needs to burn in the fires of Hell until this is stopped and any previous 'fines' refunded, with interest.

Really? Ya think? NOOOO!

Panel blames deregulation for financial crisis

Billo's even more deranged than I thought (and I thought that was impossible)!

O'Reilly defends his use of Nazi analogy because it's different when HE does it

Great quote, with the added advantage of being true :)

Meghan McCain To Lawrence O’Donnell: Michelle Bachmann Is “Poor Man’s Sarah Palin”

Like a Pompous Kidney

The Colbert ReportMon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
Stephen Rejects Keith Olbermann's Power
Colbert Report Full EpisodesPolitical Humor & Satire Blog</a>Video Archive

Why is it, these days, that comedy reports the news better than the news outfits do?

I know Oklahoma is Texas-lite, but I'm starting to think they may actually be crazier than we are.

Oklahoma's New Anti-Evolution Bill : Dispatches from the Culture Wars

Thune revealed as just another Repug hack

I know, I know, you're shocked!

Piers Morgan on UK Econ

It always stuns the DC poltical media crowd when someone actually speaks the truth. I think the cognitive dissonance confuses them.

Jan Brewer Continues Weird, Illogical Policies

Was Janet Napolitano SO necessary at Homeland Security we had to pull her out of the Arizona governorship and replace her with this piece of crap?

Local Chambers break with US Chamber on repeal

This could get interesting. Many of the local Chambers have been pretty disgusted with the US Chamber for a couple of years, and this issue may drive them completely apart. It's obvious that HC reform is good for business in that it will stabilize and potentially drive down their insurance costs. The US Chamber's opposition isnt based... on business needs, merely on hard-right political theology.

Daily Kos: Dow at 12,000: Obama must really be a socialist now

Eric Cantor needs a lesson on Social Security financing

Let's all repeat this over and over, until everyone in Congress and the media understand it. Social Security is NOT part of the budget. It has no effect on the budget. It is wholly and totally separate. It is currently fully funded. There may be minor problems in the (distant) future, but if we raise (or eliminate) the cap, those disa...ppear. How easy is that?
(The problem isn't that they don't UNDERSTAND this, they just LIE about it......)

Have I mentioned that these people are crazy?

Daily Kos: Arizona state senator blames abortion for Tucson shooting

Yowzah! Is THAT a mandate?

AMERICAblog News: CBS Poll: 92% approve of Obama's proposal in SOTU

I warned you about W

I warned you about Rick Scott. When will people start to listen?!?! :)

AMERICAblog News: Paul Ryan's rebuttal & Paul Krugman's kindness

Best take on Ryan I've read. Goes for most of the 'brain trust' of the Repugs, too.

DeMint to introduce health reform repeal

Trust the biggest mouth breather in the Senate to bring this one home!

God has an enemies list?

Who does he think he is? Nixon?

CNN: Marines change commander at facility where WikiLeaks suspect held

Good, now throw him in the brig and treat him like he treated Manning.

File this under 'DUH!'

News Corp. Admits Fox "News" Is Biased

Amen brother!

The Onion strikes again! Obama: Aside From All The Weirdos And Freaks Around Here, The State Of The Union Is Strong

Ted Haggard: I'm Probably What The Kids Call 'Bisexual'

No, you're what they'd call a pantload.

The Complete Failure of Senate Rules Reform

WTF is wrong with Senate Dems? Must we constantly shoot ourselves in the foot? It's not bad enough the other side is ACTUALLY shooting at us?

House votes to eliminate public financing of presidential elections

Remember, Grover Norquist, the granddaddy of the radical right, has stated they want to move us back to the US as it was under McKinley. Here we go.

What is with MDs in Congress?

Coburn, Paul, Broun.... Are they ALL nuts?

South Carolina Republicans go backward with Voter ID bill passage

How bout a poll tax too. Bring back Jim Crow seems to be the new motto in the South. They were SO sad to lose it, after all.

Did Glenn Beck Lose His Checkbook?

Sign me up!

The Maddow Blog - Ich Bin Ein Beer-liner!


Gay = AIDS? Stand Up Against Ignorance and Bigotry in Ohio

And so the cannibalism begins.....

Minneapolis Tea Party Slams Bachmann: ‘One Person Has No Right To Speak For The Whole Organization’

Michelle and the Mystery of the Teleprompterthingee

Just because you put the teleprompter somewhere else doesn't mean you aren't using one. Just put it were it belongs and go with it. You'll look less spooky, and that, Michelle, is something you SERIOUSLY need to work on. :)

Simple Answers To Simple Questions

From Atrios:
Steve asks:

I'm really not sure what to make of this. In fact, I'm a little surprised CNN would agree to this, just as a matter of fairness -- viewers will hear one speech from a Democrat, followed by a speech by a far-right Republican, and then followed by another speech by a far-right Republican? If a liberal Dem announced this morning that he/she is delivering some remarks reflecting on the SOTU tonight, would that also be aired on CNN's national airwaves in its entirety?


This has been another edition of simple answers to simple questions.

More on Manning

Everytime I read or hear anything about Bradley Manning's detention, I wonder how the hell Bush and Cheney are still operating out of the White House. This is unAmerican and can NOT be allowed to stand.

I'm sure this will rate a Liar Liar Pants on Fire on Politifact

Daily Kos: Ryan on healthcare reform: light on plans, even lighter on truth

Hah! I foiled the damned librul conspiraceeeeez! I ain't got a furnace!

Rush Limbaugh Insanely Claims Michelle Obama Is Coming to Get Your Furnace


So are you! (admit it!) :)

I thought the Election Told Us they Wanted the Budget Balanced!?!?!?

Majority of Americans - including Teabaggers - prefer higher taxes over increasing Social Security age

I love Rachel's 'intro'

"Racism and smarts not exactly close pals."

Good Article, Great Title :)

Stop the Austerity Craze! Massive Budget Slashing Can Lead to Economic Disaster, Violence and Repression

We're a very silly country

David Barton, Beck’s “Most Important Man In America,” Rants About “Homosexual Indoctrination” In School

The only surprise here is that they were ever in a 'religious freedom group'

Land Of (No) Liberty: Southern Baptist Official Drops Out Of Religious Freedom Group

For the uninitiated

Fact Sheet: Representative Paul Ryan’s Controversial Road Map

Why hasn't CNN fired this bozo? (apologies to clowns everywhere)

CNN’s Erickson Stands By Statement That “Mass Bloodshed” Will Be Necessary If Roe V. Wade Isn’t Overturned

But government money is socialism, isn't it?!?!?

Say it ain't so, Guv Goodhair!

Sharron For Preznit?

Oh please! Please, please, please. It would be even more fun than Michelle Bachmann running..... let's get a three way primary fight between Mama Grizzly, Michelle, and Sharron. I may pass out from just thinking about it! ;) ( Mama Grizzly vs Demon Sheep! Can you feel the excitement? Can you smell the stupidity?!?!?)

There's a difference between rewriting history and not having a fucking clue.

Guess which one describes Michelle Bachmann :)
 Also , too!

Nothing makes me happier than Repugs at each others' throats :)

Michele Bachmann's CNN Response to SOTU Pissing Off Republicans?

CNN's airing of Bachmann's SOTU response irks Democrats and Republicans

O'Reilly Calls Olbermann Hateful

Such a class act. But then, if anyone knows hateful, it'd be Billo

Stooopit Roolz

Jon Stewart Exposes Fox News' "Nazi" Rhetoric Hypocrisy

I posted on Megan Kelly's really stupid remarks the other day. Here's Jon Stewart, getting my back :)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Jeff Sessions Can Write?!?!!? Who Knew?

Much of what's wrong with the right can be summed up in two words: Jeff Sessions. It's not that this annoying mediocrity IS the problem, he's just a compilation of all the problems in one empty (tho expensive) suit.


Not at the revelation, that it took FOUR years to release!

Daily Kos: GOP takes credit for job growth

Let's see they vote en bloc against everything, crippled the stimulus, and saddled us with the Bush tax cuts, depriving us of billions in income, so yeah they can take credit.

Looks like America agrees with me (that always worries me!) :)

Daily Kos: Poll: Cut Social Security benefits or raise payroll cap? Not even close

George Allen Returns to Less than Enthusiastic Response

Wow! You know you've gone over the edge when George 'Macaca' Allen isn't crazy enough for you; of course, it is Erickson saying he's not orthodox enough, so consider the source :)

Ya Think Maybe??

Should Scalia and Thomas have recused themselves from Citizens United case?

See also the libertarian takedown below :)

GOP Mantra: For Me, But Not for Thee

If Fox News Didn't Exist, We'd Have to Invent It, Just for the Fodder

During Discussion Of "Mom Caves," Kilmeade Asks Carlson, "Didn't Men Give You The Kitchen?"

Years late, but good!

Federal inquiry under way of no-bid contract in Afghanistan

Justin Strikes Again

From Justin Rosario. Brilliant takedown of the Randian right. I particularly enjoyed, being a former Libertarian who thought their way out of the moral morass that libertarianism is.

Suspected suicide bomber kills dozens at Moscow's busiest airport

Saw some of the video.... this is a horrible mess. I wouldnt want to be Chechen for the next week or so.....


Illinois appellate Court rules Rahm not eligible for Mayoral ballot

Senate Dems challenge Cantor, House GOP on health reform repeal

Good! Keep whacking them over the head with healthcare repeal. The idea of making them vote yea or nay on each piece is great- the public is leery of the overall idea, but tend to support each of individual part (the leeriness isnt real, it's just anxiety stirred up by the Repugs' ceaseless moronic rhetoric)

Mass Bloodshed?!?!?

Jesus.... and this guy is on CNN?!?!? I may have mentioned it before, but Erickson is a boil on the ass of humanity.

Obama won't endorse raising retirement age or reducing Social Security benefits

Always nice to see the powers that be do the right thing

Corruption or Business as Usual (or Both?)

What Corruption Looks Like: 87% Of Congressional Reps Supporting Comcast/NBC Merger Got Money From Comcast

Let's Hear It for Vermont!

This is great news!
Vermont Is Gearing Up to Strike a Major Blow to Corporate Personhood

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Clarence Thomas and Tax Fraud?

I repeat, they ARE impeachable!


Psychoanalyze THIS, Bitch!

Little Paul and His Mystical, Magical Roadmap

They really are silly people.

Hopefully, this thinking is contagious :)

AMERICAblog News: UK seriously reviewing break up of largest banks

Makes Me Proud to Live in a Democracy

Activists delivering Bradley Manning petition held at Quantico

The Nation is a national treasure.

Slide Show: 18 Disturbing Things We Wouldn't Know Without WikiLeaks

Income Inequality

Amen. Also, I can't recommend highly enough that everyone read Paul Krugman's Conscience of A Liberal, particularly the concluding chapter of the same name. If you can read that and still contemplate voting Repug, I'll be amazed (and slightly horrified!) :)

Okay, him you can shoot :)

GOP senator says toning down violent rhetoric means 'the shooter wins'

Beware any clickable links to anything non-personal on FB

'My Total Facebook Views' Scam Spreads On Facebook

Ryan Budget is Bad for Middle Class

And this is a surprise, why? Everything they do is bad for the middle class!

Reagan, Schmeagan

Okay, yeah he was a race-baiting warmonger, but that's not enough these days. His dementia was an illness; the current Repug Party's dementia is self-inflicted.

Republicans’ 2010 election triumph will fuel civilization’s demise, Chomsky says

If it carries over past the 2012 elections, then I would agree. In the short run, mostly just dangerous and annoying.

If I Haven't Mentioned It, Beck is NUTS!

I am seriously considering cancelling my violent rhetoric pledge in Beck's case. The boy is a dangerous loon and needs to be gone... preferably just canceled, but..... I'm just sayin'

Bishops Back Barack?!?

I'm always amazed when the hierarchy in the Catholic Church gets things right. Many priests and nuns are great people, but the ruling structure seems broken. Things like this make me wonder if I'm not being over-judgmental. Me? Nah!!! :)

Again, okay post, GREAT title :)


No great revelations in this piece, altho some good points. I just love the title.


Barrasso Who?

Great slap at Barrasso's moronic address today. The Bookman quote is spot on. It IS Goebbels' Big Lie theory- repeat it often enough, no matter how ludicrous, and eventually it becomes 'THE TRUTH' (which will set us, sort of like Arbeit.)


It would hurt more if this was ANY kind of surprise!

Texas' Ongoing Disaster and Unexpected Upsides

It's my birthstate so I should probably feel more empathy for their pain, but it is nice to see the moronic ideas of the hard right wingnuts (and that is who runs Texas) run aground on the rocks of reality

Ye Gods!

The founding fouthers supported government run healthcare!?!! Damned commies!

Daily Kos: Third Way's false start on "saving" Social Security

The ONLY change that needs to be made in SocSec is to remove the salary cap. At that point, all future deficits disappear and the system is solid. Yes, it screws (very marginally) the highly compensated, but our tax system is (at least at the moment) progressive, so it's not a huge shock to anyone's system. So someone takes home 135k ...instead of 145k, they'll deal with it, precious babies.

Great ideas and BADLY needed

...but I cant see it getting thru Boehner's Reichstag errr House.....

Good Piece

.. on where the Repugs are coming from and where they're going.

"So if you are a type who believes the government can only do bad, who
believes that prosperity flows from how appreciated the business
community feels, and who believes strongly in the Natural Order, then
you are not going to be in favor of activist monetary and fiscal policy
to fix the economy. You also won’t have any a...ctual coherent view of
what is wrong with the economy."

David Stockman, a voice of reason?!?!?

Maddow, Maher and Panel Yell About Reaganomics While Reagan Budget Director Looks On


Of course, GOProud is a real gay group in the sense that Jews for Jesus is a real Jewish group.....

"My first (and only) political fortune cookie"

from Justin Rosario:

When you reach a T-intersection, you have a choice: Left or Right.

Going Right is easy, all you do is hug the curb and go with the flow of traffic.  It’s safer but you’ll never get across the street.

Going Left is much more difficult.  You have to cut across traffic that doesn’t want to let you through.  But, if you’re brave enough, you can cross that street and reach any destination you choose.

Which way do YOU turn?

How is it that their noses aren't all three feet long by now?

Bill O'Reilly's new 'Big Lie Theories'


Liberal Rage or “Tone it down? I don’t think so.”

Sweet Jesus! These people are crazy!

'God's Army': Louisiana Locals Train To Protect Their Churches With Guns

Best Line of the Week


As time went by, I came to understand that service to the truth is core concept of being a liberal. Without the truth, we are nothing. Or worse, conservatives. Keith understood this.

Another Keith Petition

Sign it, too :)

Thailand doing the right thing environmentally

Wow! Amazing! Great!

I STAND WITH KEITH (yeah, another petition) :)

I Stand with Keith petition- sign it! Or get off my blog! :)

Terry Jones (the other one) Banned from Britain

Now can WE ban him from the US and just watch him fly back and forth from JFK to Heathrow ad infinitum?
 (for those under 40, Terry Jones is also the name of one of the members of Monty Python)

Is It In the Constitution? Duh!

Very good argument that separation was indeed intended in the Constitution as well as against the argument that the US is a Christian nation.

Jesus H. Christ! Corporate shills 1, Common Sense 0

MSNBC Ends Contract With Keith Olbermann -

I'll Say It Proudly Then!

Megyn Kelly is a Nazi! (It's okay, I'm not an elected official)

Remember, this moron is an elected Congressman

Okay, from Texas, so it counts less, but still......

Quelle Surprise, Encore!

House GOP runs on 'jobs' - now that they're in power, ignore 'jobs'

Oy, barely in office and already in trouble.

Gotta love the Repugs

GOP's childish opposition to healthcare reform

Good article... now go buy the hardcopy so the LA TImes can stay in business another week or so :)

To quote her favorite author, Voltaire, "Quelle Surprise!"

PolitiFact: Bachmann’s claims ‘false’ more often than any other politician


Verizon Loves Net Neutrality to Death

I say, when we can have a depreciation allowance, they can have free speech! :)

Get your state behind the constitutional amendment to reverse Citizens United

Military-Religious Complex?

Can we get Dan Brown, David Stone, and Paul Christopher to collaborate on this one? :)

Palin to be prosecuted for inciting violence if she visits Australia, attorney says

I'll buy the ticket!

Stahl Did NOT Report on Reagan's Alzheimers

I still haven't heard a convincing reason why she didnt report it.

From I F**ked You ALL, but thanks for blaming it on the black guy

on Facebook:
President Obama: Tell Congress "No Social Security Cuts"

Don't hate me cuz I'm beautiful

hate me cuz I'm ignorant and influential...

They ARE Impeachable

(altho just barely)

Romney to Steer Clear of Tea Parties

Probably a good idea. After Romneycare in Massachoochie, they'd probably shoot HIM!

Enlist in the Dick Armey

How sick is it that Dick Armey is now a voice of reason?!?!?! (And don't you love the name? That really should be what we call the forces for gay activism!)

Yes, let's do that

Holding Republicans accountable for their hypocrisy on health care

The only thing I can say for David Brooks is that he isn't David Broder

It's enough to make me change my name. Call me Raoul from now on!

Oh Lord, this should be good!

Michele Bachmann, the other red meat, to deliver own response to SOTU speech

They're all nuts

House votes on repeal

Thursday, January 20, 2011


I didnt post anything on the bomb in Spokane on Monday cuz most of the time these things get overblown by the media, law enforccement, or both. This, on the other hand, seems to have been a really big deal.

Ya Think?

AMERICAblog News: Froomkin: Obama's willingness to cut Social Security is 'killing him with voters'

Whole Foods, Look Out!

I loathe Wal-Mart (bring back, Sam, you damned Waltons!), but this is an encouraging sign.

And if the Easter Bunny is listening...

all I want for Easter is for Santorum to get into the race :)

If Santa Claus is reading blogs...

a Palin-Bachmann ticket is ALL I want for Christmas :)

Have I mentioned the Repugs are soulless bastards?

Daily Kos: Will Democrats fight to keep Medicaid expansion off the chopping block?

Maybe We Should Investigate Issa....?

Cenk Uygur has a really good take down of my neighbor Darrell. Also has a link to Ryan Lizza's amazing complete hatchetjob in The New Yorker,

PATRIOT Act up for Renewal this Year

Can we get rid of this horrendous, Constituion-crushing bag of shit once and for all? Pretty please?

The 15 Min Solution

A little extreme, but truly, the end game of the Repug battleplan. With much the same logic behind it.

WOW! Great News

Gabrielle Giffords stands, tries to speak, husband says

Beck = Violence

God, he's a misguided missile. Can someone give me an example in modern US history (say post Gilded Age) of a liberal shooting a conservative? )Maybe Wallace? I don't remember anything about his shooter.)


Congress Passes Socialized Medicine and Mandates Health Insurance -In 1798

Go Kurt

This week's cover: How 'Glee' is leading TV's gay-teen revolution

Citizen Jane Explains the Impact of Citizens United

Good quick history lesson on what happened and why it's important to de-personify the corporations. Mildly amusing (you'd think with the money and talent available, PFAW could have risen to at least the Conjunction Junction level) :)

Tea Party Fashionistas?

The Liberal Library
Why is the GOP obsessed with Michelle's Dresses? Are they all closeted?
In re: Media Matters coverage

Paging Wehrner von Braun!

This rocket apparently is such a big motha we had warnings on the news today to announce the launching so that people in the vicinity wouldnt think it was an earthquake. If there's an earthquake tomorrow, the death toll should be enormous as people ignore the start :)