Friday, December 31, 2010

I Gotcher Liberarian Swingin'

Exploding the whole 'Constitution is a libertarian document/Founding Fathers were libertarians' myth. Good post.

Newsbusters is Idiotic

Of course, so is Fred Hiatt, so maybe they're just jealous.

Why do pols NEVER remember it's not the crime that kill you, it's the coverup?

Daily Kos: Justice Department resisting Polish torture probe at CIA black site

New Congress Going After the EPA?

To paraphrase Tom Lehrer: just don't drink the water or breathe the air. Or eat the food. Or touch anything.

More on the Local Crazy Trend

Daily Kos: State legislatures prepared to bring on the crazy

Can We Start Putting Some of these Folks in Jail?

The pols who skirt the campaign finance laws (and don't get me started there!), the Wall Street guys, the Banksters who seize houses they don't have any right too, and on and on. IOKIYAR used to it's okay if you are republican, now the R just stands for rich.

Be Very Afraid

I DID warn you not to vote Repug. Krugman shows us why not.

TG Top Ten

Some fun bits from Top Gear, with links to the vids. Ignore if you like humor above grade school level or think the Prius is God's gift.... My favorite clip: Capt Slow, yes I said James May, the infamous Capt Slow, setting the world production car speed record and having it broken about 8 minutes later :)

Tom Vandegriff Dies

Update for the former DFWers out there. For the more poorly born, Vandegriff is the guy that made Arlington: brought in the Rangers, I think he was instrumental in the Six Flags deal, and so forth. And he sold a pile of Chevys as well.

Just Cuz I Like You

More Jeremy!

Fear the Big Lie

And remember, the Jews control Hollywood and the Media and Banks and Ice Cream Parlors!!!!

8 Smears and Misconceptions About WikiLeaks Spread By the Media

From Alternet

Don't Be Hatin' on the Bieb!

Anti-mosque loons boycott pop star over fake interview

Confederate Gold?

See all previous comments re: Texas Repugs; amend to include GA Repugs.

The Faster We Go

...the behinder we get.

More News About the Stuff We Eat

Good news, it ain't!

When In Doubt

Make Shit Up

Thursday, December 30, 2010


Oy these folks are just idiots. I'm a bigger Constitution-thumper than most, but the Constitution is not a crystalline document (altho remember, these politicians are the same folks that think the Bible IS one and also that it is the inerrant word of God rather than a religio-political tract cobbled together by a committee, so work from that thesis.....) It is a brilliant starting point and open to interpretation, but it's far from crystal clear. Witness the fact that, on the big issues, there is almost never unanimous agreement amongst the Supremes; recent decisions have had has many as five authored decisions. But, I suppose in the 6,000 year old world they live in, things are clearer. (They usually are if you don't have the IQ to question things.)

 Oops... forgot the link


Have I suggested that Texas Repug Congressmen should be neutered before they can breed? Consider it suggested!


Edit: Link Added

Bowl Miscellany

Congrats to the SMU Mustangs. After a 3200 yr drought (thanks Gov Clements!), they were back in a bowl today. They lost, but they were back! :)

McJoan on Greider

It's a great post and I think mcjoan sums up the problem succinctly

The traditional media loves being in the in-crowd, the Right
understands that, and has manipulated the conversation. That goes for
Social Security and just about every other issue. What Greider is
describing is not terribly difference from what Glenn has revealed about the traditional media in the WikiLeaks case.

What has to happen is a counter-narrat
ive from Democratic leadership. A handful of good, progressive politicians like Bernie Sanders and Raul Grijalva have been on the beat, but have been too easily marginalized as "lefties," even though they are stating easily verified facts. They need to be joined by more courageous Dems who are willing to buck the conventional wisdom and turn it on its head.


Lets 'fix' Social Security and head back to those good old days. Next week, welfare reform and the return of poorhouses and debtors prisons.

This Is Going To Be an Ugly Two Years

Rep. Steve King promises pointless, racist investigations for the next two year

Wall Street's Biggest Lies

I love Steve Schwarzman's analogy. I know if I made 8 or 9 digits and only got taxed at 15%, I'd feel as abused as Poland too!

Breathe, Keith

I've always said that KO needs to learn to loosen up and just say what he feels.

Have I mentioned that Beck is a moron?

Oh, I have? Okay.

Two Brits I adore in one video

Jeremy Clarkson and the Bentley Arnage T.

Go Get Em, Liz!

Daily Kos: Warren: Foreclosure crisis demonstrates consumer agency is "frightfully necessary"

Sigh...More Broken Promises

Moronic ideology, meet hard, freaking reality

How Have the Mighty Fallen

Wow. Poor Judy. Talk about your downward career trajectory. From the NYTimes to the internet equivalent of a John Birch Society mimeograph newsletter.

This Would Be So Sweet

At this point, it sounds like Halliburton stands to be out a quarter billion (you wanna lay odds on Nigeria paying it back??!?!?!) AND Cheney could still be criminally liable. It's like Christmas all over!

Meet your new Congresscritters.

The Ten Scariest Republicans Heading to Congress | People For the American Way

And Alley Oop Had a Pet Dinosaur

If the South really wants to secede, can we just let them go? Hell, I'll chip in for the moving expenses. :) (Can we keep New Orleans?)

And We Wonder...

...why the civilized world thinks we're nuts?

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Apocalypse 2012

How will the world end?

Dear Santa

All I want for Christmas is a stroke for Big Bad John.


How Bad Is It....

...if Halliburton thinks it's fucked up? That's like the Devil whining about the heat......

Take Quiz then call Jeff Foxworthy!

Dream Act Debate

Markos nails it:

Republicans have so blown the 9-11 responder issue, that when it passes, it'll be a DEFEAT for them.

Then again, they did just take a baseball bat to immigrant kids, so beating up on cops and firemen is only par for the course with those guys

Kerry Unloads

Try to picture how much better off we'd be today if John had been elected in 2004 instead of Bozo the retarded Chimp (my apologies to the mentally challenged for the insulting comparison to our dear departed Preznit)

Don't Overestimate the Swing

The 'swing' to the GOP was BIG front page news in the LA Times today, but that articles missed exactly this point. Yes, several 'red' states picked up seats in the latest census, but in almost every case, the largest driver of growth has been the growth of the Hispanic population in those states. And just whose Cheerio...s have the Repugs been pissing in constantly these last last several months? Long term fail for the Repugs.

Damn! Zadroga Passes Too!


START Passes Senate Overwhelmingly

I'd say the Repugs in the Senate aren't actually as stupid as they look, but then, no one could be that stupid.

Not Neutrality | Save the Internet

Another DUH Moment!

I'm Shocked SHOCKED to Learn This!

Fox News blatantly lies about 9/11 health care bill

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

START Moves!

From TPM: Senate Breaks GOP Filibuster On START Nuclear Treaty

Would You Like Fries With That?

Start teaching your kids how to say that phrase in Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, and maybe even Swahili.

Another Good Argument for Shooting Repugs :)


Don't Fuck with a Momma Grizzly

A lesson the Repugs should have learned, instead of just touted.

Daily Kos: Telecoms appear on brink of victory in Net Neutrality fight

This is what happens when you let Repugs and Conservadems serve on important panels.

Yes He IS.... STFU!

Spokesman: Barbour not racist.

Kyl is a Moron

From the NYT:

Kyl was complaining that the treaty deals only with strategic nuclear
weapons (on long-range bombers, submarines or intercontinental
missiles) and not with tactical nukes (the typically lower-yield,
...shorter-range warheads used to aid conventional forces in battle). One
reason this is troubling, according to Kyl, is that Russia is so
trigger-happy; whereas
America views its nukes as a deterrent, he said, “to the Russians, tactical nuclear weapons are a battlefield weapon, just like artillery.”

Now, if Russia really did see tactical nuclear weapons as “just like artillery,” then sometime du...ring the 1980s Afghanistan would have become a 250,000-square-mile expanse of warm glass.

60 Minutes ... of Shoddy, Dishonest, Incompete Reporting

It just goes towards proving what I've always argued. That paying into pension funds should NEVER, EVER, EVER, NEVER be voluntary. It must be paid/funded on the date due and no quibbling. You hide and watch. This fucking tax cut bill, with it's cut in the SS payroll tax will be used in future years to argue that SS is ...underfunded. Wanna bet me?

I Thought Sweden was a Civilized Country?

AMERICAblog News: Report: Karl Rove assisting in Assange prosecution attempt

About to join Arthur Anderson in hell?

How bout the guys at Lehman (and elsewhere) that actually BOOKED the fraudulent charges? Sure, E&Y okayed them, but the guys at the investment banks (and hedge funds, etc) actually created the fraud. But we can live without an accounting firm. We can't live without overpriced whores and thieves. We'd have to ban Congress! :)

Cue Randy Newman's 'Political Science'....

Boom goes London, and Boom Paree...'

This was the the guy who was going to save the GOP?

Bobby's boondoggle.


...thy name is GOP.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Dream Act Withers

I'm saddened the DREAM Act didnt pass, but it may good tactically. All the Spanish language media covered it intently, and maybe this, finally, will be the switch that turns on the light in the Hispanic community that the Repugs really REALLY don't like brown people, no matter what they say.

Cancel My Revelation Below....

...We need to shoot them all! :)

John McCain is becoming a caricature.


Okay, okay, I get it!

I get it! We can't shoot em all. Can we just shoot a couple of em, then? :)

Love him or hate, Julian makes life entertaining :)

This could get interesting.

Classy Bastards

AMERICAblog News: Sanofi-Aventis fires 1,700 people via conference call

Taking Down the 'No Labels' Movement

.....and OY does it need to be taken down :)

Wow! The Repugs are good!

Getting involved in corruption before they're even in Congress- hell, from the sounds of it, before they're even elected! :)

Well said!

Daily Kos: Penelope Cruz needs no anchor

Growing a Pair

I admit, I am one of those who've hollered for Obama (and the Dems in general) to 'grow a pair.' I stand corrected. (I still think they and he should be more combative.)


I was kind of out of it yesterday (took a fall and the meds were GOOD! :) ) but aparently Congress got off their asses after only 15 years of waste and stupidity.

This is News?!?!?!

There's a reason they're called Faux News or Fox Noise :)

Less compromise, more bullets


I may have asked this before, but can we just shoot all the fucking Congressional Repugs in the head.... or somewhere it might hurt them...... since their heads are obviously useless.

In Re: Fox and Climate Change Denials

I always they were crazy, now we find out they're schizophrenic as well. (apologies to all schizophrenics out there!) :)

Attack of the Killer Gnocchi

Oh my god, this is funny. WATCH IT!

I Wonder What the Weather is Like on Planet Wall Street

Do they even have weather, or is it all climate controlled with the serfs keeping that icky nature away from their betters?

Halliburton Ransoms Cheney for a Quarter Billion

I'd pay $250,000,001 if they promised to charge him and pursue him :)

The Thot Plickens......

AMERICAblog News: WikiLeaks: BP experienced similar blowout in Azerbaijan 18 months before Deepwate

Fox News Organizes Climate Change Denials

Fox News: If we can't make up the news, we'll just suppress it!

Everyone Gets Cheaper Broadband, Except U.S.

That's cuz the government wants to protect us from the evils of competition. Or is it the megalithic telecoms they want to protection. Anyway, it's a protection racket, one way or the other.

Is anyone surprised? Really?

AMERICAblog News: WikiLeaks: Chevron negotiated oil drilling contract with Iran

The Mortgage Banks REALLY Need to Burn in Hell

Servicers Downgraded Credit Score of Man who Asked for His Note | FDL News Desk

Earmarks!?! I'm Shocked to Find Out.......

I agree with Matt:

"Dems should start stripping earmarks requested by GOP Senators who are whining about the omnibus. No vote, no pork."

Daily Kos: Biden to GOP: Quit whining about taking vacation and do your job

Gee, they've dragged their feet, obstructed, filibustered, and in general done everything they could to slow down the process, if not drag it to a halt, and now they whine they may have to work during Xmas vacation. Have I said fuck them all lately?

We stole the rainbow?!?!?

And made the Baby Jesus cry.

I like Eugenia's header.....

.....'Are there no prisons? Are there no workhouses?"

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Really Scary Thing

Romney is probably the LEAST crazy, psycho,mouth-breathing, drooling, jabbering option for the Repugs (which automatically means he'll lose the nomination.) But, if he's this far off into the weeds about economic reality (not all that surprising actually given his hedge fund background), we're really screwed.

Can I Be the First to Call Allen West a Nazi? :)

I move we just starting beating the Tea Partyistas to death with the Constitution they love so dearly but have never fucking read!

They Really Do Live on a Different Planet

Jon Kyl accuses Harry Reid of 'disrespecting' Christians

Friday, December 10, 2010

Julian, Be Careful What You Wish For

You might get it. Authoritarian governments and particularly pseudo-authoritarian governments like ours and the Brits have a history of flailing blindly.

Let's Screw the Poor

The money has to come from somewhere, right, Boss? And they haven't got any PACs!

They Love the Constitution

Except for all those rights and shits. And surely they aren't supposed to apply to brown people and other untermenschen?

Tax Cuts Numerology -- Some Embarrasing Numbers for the Democrats

I May Have Mentioned This Before.....

.... but Repugs are lower than pond scum.

Wow, apparently the Tea Partyistas aren't wrong ALL the time! :)

Daily Kos: Top tea party group rallies opposition to tax cut deal

Ya think?

Stupid and counterproductive. Anyone surprised Obama caving again is unpopular?

House Dems Revolt

House Dems refusing to sign off on tax cut sellout. Good for them.

Just Don't Make Her Eat Beef

Ve verr only followink orderzzzz.......

Queequeg, my Harpoon!

Can we call Capt Ahab and just let him harpoon Larry Summers?

Great New Progressive TV Ad

Posting this cuz I'm not real thrilled with Obama either at this point ;)

AMERICAblog News: GOP filibusters health benefits for 9/11 heroes

They're just bad people with bad motives doing bad things for bad reasons. Can't be more emphatic about it. There's just not a good one left in the bunch; there's only degrees of 'less evil'.

Don't Turn Your Back on Big Oil

Who knows what they'll insert where....

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

My Two Cents

Okay... here's my problem with today's 'compromise' on taxes/spending (I'll leave aside my rage at Obama for selling out virtually every segment of his base....) They're going to cut 'payroll taxes' (ie SS and Medicare deductions) for a 'tax holiday' and they'll make up the shortfall from general revenue (I've got this bridge I'd like to discuss with you if you buy that...) All this in the midst of a concerted effort (see the just dissolved Catfood Commission, which collapsed because the libs wouldn't sell out Social Security....) to screw over Social Security. So now, we're reducing the money going into SS and I FUCKING GUARANTEE YOU that in a couple of years, they'll start whining how SS is short of funds (which we just gave to the multimillionaires) so they can start cutting SS benefits and retirement ages. Argh!

Sunday, December 05, 2010


For some reason, Ad-Sense, in its finite wisdom, has decided I'm a bad guy and they've delisted my pub #. I've written to them and have yet to hear back (72+ hours). I notice they kept their ads on my site, tho, so I've removed them until such as they justify their action (which they can't) or re-instate the pub #. I'm sure this action will crush both them and this blog :)

Thursday, December 02, 2010



The Sad Thing Is....He's One of the Better Ones

Apparently, David Dreier needs a vocabulary lesson.

Racism on Parade

Steve King is an asshole, that's a given. But this is just insane.

La Plus Ca Change

Apparently, the Justice Dept is gonna let Ensign skate on any criminal charges. He COULD get re-elected. Remember, Sharon Angle came within a whisker of unseating Reid, and she's fucking certifiable.

Anyone Wanna Lay Odds on this Working? Anyone?

Five former Repug Sec/States wrote an op-ed in WaPo today.  Think this will penetrate the tiny lizard brains of what passes for current Repug Senators?

Another good reason to never vote for a Repug. Ever. Take the pledge!

Shenanigans in Minnesota.

Can NPR Fire Juan Williams Again

Gotta Go with Kos' Summation

David Broder IS Senile

Comcast is Out of Control

House votes for middle class tax cuts MINUS the Reichpublicans

Well, well. Nancy pushed and forced the Reichpublicans to come out foursquare against the middle class in favor of their masters. Glad to see SOMEONE in Congress (on our side, anyway) has some balls.


I wonder what the weather is like on Coulterworld

Ann Coulter blames gays for WikiLeaks. Or something.

Good Glenn (ie, NOT Beck :) ) takes on Lieberthug and the Wikieaks imbroglio

Glenn Greenwald on Joe Lieberman's Thuggish, Authoritarian Attack on WikiLeaks

Chappy Chanukah

Assange in FSB's Crosshairs?

Well, if this is true, we probably won't have to 'worry' about Julian much longer..... the FSB (nee KGB) don't fool around.

Yet another reason to loathe Lieberman

How Lieberman Got Amazon To Drop Wikileaks

County Recorder in Massachusetts Goes After MERS

Good. Any spike we can drive into MERS is a good thing. The whole system was fraudulently designed and run for the benefit, not of the homeowners and only peripherally for the lenders, but the servicers (read MERS, in this case.)


Fed wants to strip a key protection for homeowners | McClatchy


Salon War Room's Hack Thirty

I posted the link to the top ten the other day; apparently there's a list of the top thirty that I missed..... as before, cant argue with the list, altho I might have ordered it differently :)

Daily Kos: FCC chairman releases disappointing Net Neutrality proposal

Repeat after me.... no Republicans ever! Take the pledge

Daily Kos: House Republicans block child nutrition bill

Reid to call GOP's bluff on filibustering every bill

He goddammed well better!

Join the PCCC

Join me and over 600,000 others in being part of the bold progressive movement. Cutting-edge activism at the Progressive Change Campaign Committee. Click here.

I don't entirely agree with the conclusions, but I think a lot this is valid. As a whole, we are a dreadfully stupid country and misinformed on a mass basis on a wide variety of issues, and seem to be willing to wallow in our own sense of superiority as we circle the drain.

 Ignore the fucking arrows, blogger has gone insane.....

I might have mentioned this before :)

Surprise! Americans Want a Strong Economy, Don't Care About Deficit

We have met the enemy and he is..... loopy.