Thursday, April 30, 2015

How UK Journalism Explains Baltimore Riots Better Than American Media

The difference is that, even with tits on the front page and the occasional hysterical headline, they still do journalism in Britain. There are at least four, and I think it's up to seven, daily newspapers in London. Is there a city in the US with more than two papers (there're three in NYC, but one's the Post, so.....)? I live in the second largest city in the US (well, in the burbs...) and there is one paper. There is a second if you count the OC Register, but it's focus is just OC, and it's barely becoime a newspaper again after decades of being a pamphlet for the Birch Society (with a REALLY good funnies section!) :) And almost none of them practice journalism anymore; they specialize in stenography, with a slight bias to whichever side they 'favor'.
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