Thursday, February 02, 2006

Jesus They're Crooked!

Fine, Fine! John "here, have a check" Boehner is now the House Majority Leader. Great! Whee! Feel the integrity! The Republic is saved!

In the 'Well, there wasn't an open bible in the room' category*, the stupid sons of bitches even try to steal their own elections. On the first ballot, there were more votes casts than there are Repub members. Someone call the White House, THEY know how to steal these things!

*In the eighties, during the scandal that stripped SMU of it's (near) national championship caliber football program due to alumni interference (think buying recruits cars and hookers....), Bill Clements, then Governor of Texas (and SMU alum) was quoted as saying the above after being caught lying to investigators. SMU received the death penalty from the NCAA; the state of Texas received it in the form of GWB as Governor.
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