Monday, May 04, 2015

New Trend For Republicans: Banning Late-Term Abortions For Abnormal Pregnancies | If You Only News

When asked why he would make women and children suffer needlessly,Texan religious zealot Rep. Matt Schaefer said, "That's part of the human condition, when sin entered the world, and it grieves us all."

Can we start shooting these crazed fucks who think their psychotic interpretations of a religion based on a 3 millenia old desert cult's teachings (I'll let Jesus off the hook, since these fucktards don't seem to believe or practice ANYTHING he preached!) should give them the right to rend the fabric of society and destroy the lives of thousands of people via a variety of subjects. He's a firm believer in the teachings of the bible, YET he seems to have cut his hair and shaved his beard. That's eternity in hell for you, fuckface. Now get out of my political system!
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