Saturday, May 02, 2015

GOP Campaign Slogan: Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid. - The National Memo

Well, none of them can run on their record, since the GOP's record is a seven year temper tantrum, and now, they're smashing their toys and pulling the girls' hair (or at least crimiinalizing their hoohaws!) All they have to sell is the horros that will occur if the Dems get into power again... you know horrible things like huge reductions in the unemployment rate, an upward spiraling stock market, a relatively calm world (except for the middle east, but it hasn't been calm since Yahweh and Ba'al started their little feud!). Be very very very afraid. Cuz if the Repugs get the White House AND the Congress, all this shit they're passing will actually become laws. Ladies... do you really want your hoohaw criminalized? :)
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