Sunday, April 19, 2015

Addicting Info – White Cops Use Excessive Force On Black Suspect, Break His Spine, And Now He’s Dead (VIDEO)

I'm running out of cogent commentary. This is a problem that just barrels along with no sign of slowing down. Until some DA is able to throw a bunch of rogue cops into court and some jury is willing to convict them, this problem isnt going away. This is as bad or worse than anything I've lived through since the Civil Rights movement. If it continues, and continues to be caught on the record, then there will be a new Civil Rights movement. Only, they'll be fueled with an existential anger the original movement lacked. For, no matter how brutal the Sheriff Clarkes of the South were, they weren't caught on video. Their murders were no less brutal, no less heinous, they were just less visible. The revolution is already being televised!
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