Thursday, March 13, 2014

Help Stop Comcast/Time Warner!

When it comes to getting the squeeze from cable companies, it’s time we say enough is enough!
Enough of cable bills higher than our heating or electric bills. Enough of companies demanding we buy channels we don’t want, and blocking programs we actually want to watch. Enough of rotten customer service, pixilated cable, sluggish Internet.

Now, just imagine if Comcast is allowed to take over Time Warner Cable! This massive cable company will control two-thirds of the nation’s cable TV customers, and nearly 40 percent of the broadband Internet market. Who among us thinks that will end up in customers’ favor?

I just took action at Consumers Union’s website demanding the FCC and Department of Justice block this mega-merger. They have the power to stop it, they just need to hear from consumers like us who are sick of getting squeezed by giant cable companies.

You can join me in taking action by going to Consumers Union’s website, and adding your name to their action against the merger. Let’s make sure they know we say “Enough!”
Thank you!
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