Friday, November 02, 2007

Dianne Must Be Removed

Our dearly beloved senior Senator from California just stuck ANOTHER knife in the back of the liberal/progressive movement of which she SHOULD be a mover and shaker. She announced that, despite continual stonewalling on the part of the Administration, and on the part of its nominee, Mukasey, she would vote in committee to CONFIRM him. This gave Schumer the cover to magically reappear from whatever undisclosed location he'd been hiding in the last week or so and announce that he TOO would support his old buddy.

On issue after issue lately, Senator Feinstein has been on the wrong side of the argument, usually in the name of comity, and usually out in front of other waverers. She must be removed from office. I don't care what shows up in the primaries against her, I will vote for it. Gimme Mussolini in drag, I don't care(at least then, I'd EXPECT the betrayal.) If there were time and a prayer, I'd start a recall movement. JESUS!
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