Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Sometimes the Irony is Just TOO Much

Americablog has a post today pointing to problem at DHS where they lost some guns from a security locker at their DC HQ. The point of the post, and of the article, was to point out that DHS cant do their job right.

However, what hit me wasn't that DHS is incompetent- in Bu$hCo, no matter the department, that's pretty much a given. What hit was the following paragraph:

Jarrod Agen, a department spokesman, said the guns belonged to Paragon Systems of Chantilly, which provides security for the department's facility on Nebraska Avenue NW.

Okay.... anyone else struck by the irony that the outfit in charge of protecting all of us is protected, not by their own efforts, but by Porta Pigs from suburban VA?!?!?!?

It's getting to the point that even the straight news from DC is so ironic it's writing it's own jokes.

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