Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Case for Impeachment

For those of you that are impeachment buffs, there's a compelling diary in dKos today that sets forth the first, presumably of many, cases for impeachment.

I'm not pro-impeachment. Oh, I think if every ANYONE deserved to be impeached, it's Dumbfuck. But, the options after are not good. Do we let Cheney succeed him, then what? Impeach him? Impeach Cheney first (can one impeach the Veep?) I tend to lean towards leaving Shrub in office, watching him like a hawk, and hoping the codes in the football aren't real (surely, the Joint Chiefs are dumb enough to trust him with the keys to Armageddon!)

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Causal said...

It would be silly to impeach without doing them both simultaneously, which is how the most recent impeachment resolution introduced to congress was framed.