Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Ken Lay Dies

Kenny-Boy croaked today in his temporary exile in Aspen (while awaiting sentencing in the Enron debacle.) I wish I could care. He totaled a company and virtually everyone who worked for it, crippled the state pension programs in FL and CA (at the least), bankrupted much of CA, it's municipalities and electric providers, and generally shat on everybody's rug.

What does perk my interest is the White House trying to downplay the relationship between Kenny Boy (Bush's largest contributer, campaign plane loaner, transition team member, energy policy advisor, etc etc etc) as merely an 'acquaintance'. Check out the film 'Smartest Guys in the Room' to see how fallacious that story really is.

And just between you and me, is Tony Snow the biggest jerkoff around? He combines the moronic qualities of Scott McClellan with the smarmy assholier-than-thou attitude of Ari Fleischer to create moronic assholiness. Of course, he was pretty much a moronic asshole on FNC, so I shouldnt be surprised.

Final thought..... the coroner ruled he died of a heart attack (wasnt that quick, conspiracy theorists?) Who'd have thought he had one?


SmokingGun blows the BEJESUS out of the 'acquaintances' story!!!

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