Monday, April 13, 2015

'Professor Of Killology' To NRA Convention: 'Sandy Hook Is Just The Beginning' | ThinkProgress

The NRA, like the Repug party, used to be a responsible, somewhat useful (if occasionally misguided) functioning member of society. Sadly, like the Repugs, they have locked onto one issue, to the exclusion of everything else, and are wreaking a path of destruction in their single-minded obssession. No one is trying to take their guns. People are trying to make sure that those buying guns are responsible and not stark raving loons (which, sadly, describes the hard-core NRA membership these days!) and limit access to weapons capable of dealing death at a mass-casualty level to law enforcement (and some of us question even that!) And, really? Can one take seriously a guy who uses 'killology' like it's a real word? OY!
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