Monday, April 13, 2015

Addicting Info – Conservatives Turned Hillary’s Campaign Logo Into Disturbing Depictions Of 9/11 (IMAGES)

I'd think that our national security oriented (HAHAHAH, I crack me up sometimes!) Repugs, they wouldn't want to remind folks of 9/11. Muslim extremists bombed the WTC when Mr Clinton was in office. The miscreants were found rapidly, by law enforcement not the 82nd Airborne, and brought to justice (lifetime in Supermax!) The WTC was attacked on THEIR watch and as I recall, the country of origin of most of the attackers was NOT attacked and destroyed, it was a country that had absolutely nothing to do with it. Mostly cuz Shrub wanted to prove his hoohoo was bigger than Daddy's! Not anyone's most shining hour. This is stupid beyond belief as well as tasteless beyond belief.
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